Horrible Memory

I really didn’t remember telling Lion he’d gets swats for football points. I swear I said he’d get zapped. That’s why was only going to do one per score. Seven zaps seemed excessive. I had to go back through my posts to check. Sure enough, I’d said swats. Lion said he didn’t hear what I said in my mind. Silly.

In hindsight, it does make more sense to receive zaps and swats. Penalties and points are two different things. They should receive different modes of attention. Lion was smart not to read my mind.

If it was totally dependent on the Giants score, Lion’s butt would probably be very safe tonight. In short, they stink. They seem to be picking right up from where they left off last season. That’s why I decided to go with both teams’ scores.

I have an idea of the paddle I’ll use. It’s the one with the tenderizer side. I won’t use that side. We use it for play and, after all, isn’t that what this is? It will also save my hand from the misery that is potentially a high-scoring game even if it’s not the Giants scoring the points.

As always, we have no idea how this is going to work. It may not work at all. It may work, but not in this configuration. We may have to tweak it a lot. Poor Lion. Sometimes he’s a lab rat.

Spanking Game: Football Fun


Touchdown! 7 swats? 14 swats? 21 swats? Mrs Lion has to decide.

Mrs. Lion is still working out the rules for her NFL game. Currently, she has me zapped for each penalty. She is trying to decide how many swats I get when a team scores. I suggested one per point. She’s considering her options.

Scoring isn’t all that frequent, so maybe one swat per point may not be severe enough. Seven swats, what I would get for a touchdown may not be memorable enough. Mrs. Lion will decide. I’m aroused thinking about playing.

She is a bit concerned that in this game I have no control. When we play Zapardy, I can avoid a zap by getting a question right. In the football game, everything is beyond my control. I don’t mind that at all. Mrs. Lion has to decide if that works for her.

I like the idea of games with penalties. I always have. I’m not sure that Mrs. Lion shares my enthusiasm. She invented the football game. Maybe she will have fun playing it.

She is in the habit of playing on her iPad during games. Playing with me might stop her from playing with the iPad. Maybe not. Things don’t move so fast in football that she has to react as soon as a flag is thrown or a touchdown made.

We aren’t the first to think of a football spanking game. Here is one I found in a reddit discussion:

“Sir and i came up with a great one a couple weeks ago. Whenever we’re watching a football game, i get spanked every time a score happens. If it’s our team, it’s his hand. If it’s the opponent, it’s the hairbrush or paddle. Also it’s cumulative. So six spanks for the first touchdown, then seven after extra point…then ten if there’s a field goal next…you get the idea.”

What do you think of this idea, Mrs. Lion?

I hope she will find other ways to extend our BDSM activities that we can both enjoy. If she is having fun playing, she is more likely to want to play frequently. Based on what just thinking about our football game does to me, it’s obvious I need the additional stimulation.

Masturbation games are also big fun. Mrs. Lion says she has fun edging me. Maybe she can make use of that in a game too. Do you have any fun games you play?

[Mrs. Lion – Lion is anxious to start our game. The Giants play tonight. That’s when we’ll start. Lion will receive one zap every time a penalty flag is thrown. Two flags on one play? Two zaps. He’ll receive one swat for every point scored by either team. I’ll use a paddle of some sort. By halftime we should have a decent understanding of how things are going and we can adjust as needed.]

Fixing the Lions

Tomorrow I pick up my CPAP machine. I vacillate between thinking it won’t help at all to thinking it will fix everything. In the afternoon, Lion has an appointment with a eye specialist. I’m also vacillating on that subject. I know it’s almost impossible that we’ll get a definitive answer in one visit, but I really want one. Here’s the diagnosis; here’s the treatment; Lion will be good as new. Fingers crossed for both.

I’m not sure if we’re dealing with a change in the weather, an allergen, or we’re just very slowly sneaking up on getting colds. We’ve both been stuffy. My sinuses don’t hurt like when I have sinusitis. I’m just annoyingly stuffy. I assume Lion feels the same way. And we’re tired. We’ve been bone tired for over a week now. We sleep, wake somewhat rested, but then we’re exhausted again. I think it’s a sign that it’s time to hibernate.

Needless to say, Lion wasn’t very interested in play last night. We snuggled and I was trying to revive my weenie but it wasn’t going so well. Lion begged off because he was stuffy, so we snuggled for a while longer and then had dessert. Yes, we’re boring. It’s hard not to let life intrude when it intrudes. Plus, I’m not sure anyone is non-boring 24/7/365. We’re not on TV. Even then I’m sure we’d be able to string together an hour’s worth of excitement out of a week’s worth of filming. And those “reality” shows repeat an awful lot within the same show.

Today I’m catching up on laundry and we’re heading to Costco. We’ll likely collapse back into bed when we get home and watch TV or movies while we snooze off and on. I’m really hoping we get acclimated to this weather change quickly so we can get things back to normal. Until then, we’ll just do the best we can.

Ball Swats

I was going to make Lion pick from the Box O’Fun before I edged him last night but I thought that might detract from his fun with Velcro. I didn’t want anything to come between him and his hatred of those tiny little teeth biting into his skin. Nope. No distractions for Lion.

Despite, or maybe because of, his dislike of Velcro, Lion got very hard. I added and subtracted Velcro as I edged him. When he thought we were done, I’d put it back on. I have to keep him guessing. In the end, I got him very close to the edge, sucked him for a minute and then left him hanging. I think he hates the Velcro more than being frustrated but that just makes both more fun.

A while after I had dashed his hopes for an orgasm, Lion asked if I was going to make him pick from the Box O’Fun. Duh! I’d forgotten. He carefully sifted through the cards and pulled one out: ball swats. He groaned. Poor thing. Where are all the “good” cards in there? He even asked if I was putting the used cards in the other box. Yes, my pet. It’s not like he’s chosen ball swats recently.

While I was edging him, a thought popped into my mind for a new game. Since it’s football season, why not zap him every time a penalty flag is thrown? I realize this isn’t really fair in the sense that Lion has no control over when a flag is thrown, but life isn’t really fair. Alternatively, I could give him swats when points are scored – either for our team or against them. He doesn’t have any control over that either. Depending on the game, he might get zapped a lot. Sometimes there are very few penalties. Generally our team can’t score points to save their lives. We’ll have to work out the details but it seems fun to me so far.