Getting It in the End


I promise I won’t be this rough with Lion.

I have only vague recollections of Lion suggesting he use a dildo on me wearing a strap-on. I don’t remember his ordering a Rodeoh prior to the one we’re getting today. He says I showed no interest and that certainly sounds like me. Somewhere in my memory banks I remember a conversation about his using a dildo on me and I wasn’t excited by the idea. Of course, I don’t get turned on by much anyway, but a dildo would not be one of those things. It seems impersonal. I’d much rather have the real thing.

Lion says one of the appeals is that he won’t have an accidental orgasm. This may be the I-don’t-care-about-sex-for-me talking, but what’s the harm in that? I know I’ve grown very lax in making Lion wait. He’s gone through some rough patches lately where he isn’t much interested in sex. To counter that, I’ve given him orgasms when he is interested. Is that wrong? Lion doesn’t think so, of course. I’m running the show and I don’t think so. I suppose if I regain my libido and he’s in danger of having an accidental orgasm while trying to pleasure me then we can revisit dildos for me. Right now they’re just for him.

I’m pretty sure we gave away some dildos when Lion went through a cleaning phase. He decided if we weren’t playing then someone else should have some fun with all the toys that were just laying around collecting dust. When we moved from the east coast we bought two huge locking chests to transport the kink collection. We still have the majority of the stuff. But there are some very happy people where we made the donation.

I know there are more dildos around just waiting for me to find them. There are at least two in the trailer. Lion is anxious to get started with anal training. He wanted to start last night. I convinced him waiting a day wouldn’t kill him. He’s chosen the dildo we should start with. I made some suggestions but he’s sticking to his guns. The smooth purple one gets the start. I’m just trying to start small since we haven’t done anal in a while.

Last night I edged him quite a few times. I left him horny and frustrated. I figured a satiated Lion would be less likely to “enjoy” a dildo up his ass. Not that he’ll enjoy it but you know what I mean. He said I’d need some time to work up to having something in my ass too. Well, no. I didn’t. I don’t remember him taking it slow. Not that he rammed himself in there quickly. It was just like vaginal sex. At any rate, I’ll take it slow with him. I’m not in a hurry.

I’m sure we’ll have to experiment with positions too. We usually do it with him on his knees or him in the sling. Both positions are problematic with his shoulder. Maybe he can kneel on the floor and rest against the bed. Maybe some pillows under his butt will work. I have no idea how things will work with the Rodeoh. We never really managed to line up when I used a harness. Our first attempts at pegging will be just a dildo in my hand. Once we figure out how much he can take and how long he can take it we can add the Rodeoh into the mix.

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The Collection

dildo collection

This is around 75% of our dildo collection. I have been amassing them over the years. Now they will be put to use in me. (click image to enlarge)

Over the years, I have amassed a large number of BDSM toys. Among them is my dildo collection. Last night we went around the house gathering the ones we could find so Mrs. Lion would be able to decide what to use on me later. What you see in the picture is what we could find. It is about three-quarters of the collection. They range from a small (the not-as-big-as-my-real-woody casting of me) 1-1/2 inch by about 5-1/2 inch (2nd from the left), to the mammoth 3-inch diameter monster on the right. The bottom one is a Feeldoe. It’s reputed to be the best double dildo every made. There is a smaller, red Feeldoe. That is in the collection, just not where we could find it last night.

This collection gives Mrs. Lion a lot of options for training and pegging me. I didn’t buy them with that in mind; well, maybe some of the time it was what I thought I wanted. The oldest dildos are latex. I had more, but threw them out at some point. Only two of those originals are in the picture: the giant at the far right (the dark marks are from leather toys that shared my toybag with them), and the fourth from the left. As we unearth more of our collection, I’ll provide a new picture.

Mrs. Lion has used a few of these up my ass in the past. The third from the left is the Tantrus large. I also have the small and medium as well. They are currently lost. The large is about 1-1/2 inches in diameter and 8 inches long. I can accommodate that one with a little practice. It’s particularly comfortable because it is smooth. Fake veins and other dildo decorations don’t glide in (and out) as easily. It’s also a nice length for a strap-on. The extra length gives Mrs. Lion a place to grab it and guide it while still having enough left to fill me quite well.

Shortly after starting this blog, I ordered a Rodeoh designed to fit me, not Mrs. Lion. The idea at the time was that I could wear it with a dildo and use it to penetrate her. That way, I could stay locked up and she could enjoy a nice fucking without concern that I will ejaculate. I ordered it and before it arrived, the Rodeoh folks offered to sell me two very nice silicone dildos at an extremely reduced price. The smaller one is the fifth from the left. We haven’t found the larger one yet. The small one is about  1-5/8 inches in diameter and 6 inches long.  Mrs. Lion wasn’t interested in my original idea and my Rodeoh was never used.

When she was hunting for dildos last night, Mrs. Lion found that Rodeoh, which came in a very nice cloth bag. She has forgotten that I had bought it. Oddly, she had a vague memory of the dildos I bought from Rodeoh. Since she found the Rodeoh, I tried it on. It fits very well; Still no interest in me using it on her. Later today, her Rodeoh will arrive. She will be using that on me. The great wheel of sex goes round and round.

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