Once I got the jealous dog out of the room, I was able to get Lion interested. At a certain point, however, it seemed like we weren’t getting any further. I suggested sucking him. Before I even had the full question out of my mouth he said yes. What took me so long to ask? He makes me smile.

I started off slow. I wanted to build some anticipation before I took him to the edge. Little did I know it would be a slow ride to the top. I wasn’t sure we’d get there. He wasn’t super hard. I knew he liked what I was doing because I heard him gasp from time to time. And then, without further ado, he was on his way to an orgasm. I’d intended to give him one. I just thought I’d edge him a time or two first. Oh well. No harm, no foul.

As I was sucking him, I was thinking about the twelve days of Christmas. It might have been nice to give him the twelve orgasms of Christmas. At day six, we’re already behind schedule. For the record, he’d need an orgasm every 2.5833333333 days and that’s utilizing all 31 days in the month. As it stands, we’re down to once every 2.08333333 days. In our younger days, that would have been doable. Not so much anymore. Don’t get me wrong. We can still go for it. It’s just not as realistic as it might have been even five years ago. I think five or six orgasms in December might be more reasonable. 2021 would be going out with a bang. A lot of bangs.

Of course, if I want to up that percentage, I could utilize a few techniques sure to get him horny. He’s been eager to try out the new restraints he bought. Bondage in any capacity usually works. Despite his distaste for IcyHot and tiny clothespins, they do tend to get his motor running. A butt plug or other anal activity works too. I wouldn’t use spanking, especially if I am more observant. Punishment does make him horny, but a play spanking would be too much. I still don’t think that will buy us an orgasm every two days or so, but it will be fun to try.

I hate it when I’m in the sexual doldrums. Part of the reason is probably because I am actively writing fiction again. It doesn’t make a lot of sense, but this happened a few times in the past. When I begin a burst of storytelling, my sexual interest declines. I’m not saying that some BDSM and oral attention won’t restore me to my former glory. I imagine it will. I don’t understand why writing a story that includes sex would turn me off in real life.

If you wondered, I don’t get aroused when I write sexy scenes. I’m too involved in constructing the story. Maybe this necessary separation from the feeling carries over into real life. I hope not. If anyone can fix this problem, Mrs. Lion can. I hope she doesn’t try with a paddle. My bottom is still sore from Saturday’s spanking. (She’ll say, “Good!”). It was memorable–not in a nice way.

Mrs. Lion wrote that she feels insecure when I don’t want sexual activity (“Disappointment“). She equated it to how I think about initiating. I have a lot of trouble with it, probably because of a strong fear of rejection. Yes, it’s irrational. That doesn’t make it any less real. I always attributed Mrs. Lion’s reluctance to initiate to a female desire to take the submissive role in bed. It didn’t occur to me that she worried about rejection. It’s irrational since there is no way I would ever reject her. I might have trouble physically responding. That isn’t rejection. It’s just plumbing.

Yes, I realize that I have no rational reason to feel I might be rejected. Looking back over my life, I see that women almost never rejected me. I did very well in the sex department. It wasn’t due to me being aggressive. I’ve always waited to be invited. Of course, once given the green light… Oh well, Mrs. Lion and I will work it out.

We had another two football games Sunday. Our team lost, but our adopted team won in a strange game. Lion took his shower late while I made dinner. It was fairly late by the time we were done, and I had my shower. Although I played with my weenie, there was no nookie to be had. Lion wants to get an earlier start tonight.

We have been in a slump lately. I may have turned Lion on a bit by punishing him, but we haven’t been able to take advantage of that. Last night, when I asked Lion if he was horny, he said he didn’t know. If he doesn’t know, how should I know? The obvious answer is that I could try to arouse him. What if he doesn’t respond? He’ll say I’ll think I wasted my time. I think I’ve wasted his. The bigger problem is that if he doesn’t get aroused, I’ll wonder if it’s because he’s not horny or if I can’t turn him on. He doesn’t like initiating because he doesn’t want to be rejected. I don’t like being rejected either.

It’s true that he’s not directly rejecting me if he’s not horny or interested, but couldn’t the same thing be said if I don’t respond to his advances? Initiating and rejection can happen to both of us. I ask if he’s interested because I don’t want to bother him if he’s not. It may sound strange, but I like when he tells me if he doesn’t think, we’ll get very far. He’s the one who knows how he feels.

Obviously, it’s different if he’s horny and things don’t quite work out. I try. He tries. At least we had fun along the way. Even if he tells me he doesn’t think we’ll get very far, but it feels nice when I fondle him, I keep going. I guess it’s all about expectations. If he lets me know he’s not up for it, I won’t think I’ve disappointed him by not being able to get him there. I don’t think either one of us feels like we’re in it for ourselves. We’re both worried about disappointing each other. The bottom line is that Lion can’t disappoint me as long as he’s enjoying himself.

The day after. This is how my bottom looked on Sunday Afternoon.
No wonder it hurts! (Click image to view full size)

Saturday night Mrs. Lion spanked me for not setting up the coffee pot. I occasionally forget and have to pay the price. This spanking was unusual because she spanked me the night before because I was snarky. A lioness spanking is a big deal on its own. Two in a row is over the top. It’s true that I deserved it. She was right. I completely forgot to set up the coffee pot.

My buns were still pretty sore from Friday’s spanking when she brought out the spanking bench. I obediently got into position, but I grumbled that I was still sore and would probably bleed a lot. Mrs. Lion has grown blase about some blood coming up when she spanks me. It happens every time and stops almost as soon as she is done beating me. She’s right. It isn’t a big deal.

I think she decided to spank a little higher on my bottom for part of the time. I’m not a good judge of what she is doing. It all hurts a lot. I am only aware of what real estate she is beating when she spreads my cheeks to spank inside and on my perineum. She usually remembers to give those areas her attention. My point is that these are not BDSM spankings. They are real punishment, and since Mrs. Lion knows me and my body, she administers these spankings severely enough for me to feel them for days after I get them.

Some readers have commented that Mrs. Lion is being too severe for an offense as small as forgetting to set up the coffee pot. We’ve learned over the years that the point of a spanking is to impress on me the need to change something. Big or small, the change isn’t going to happen unless she makes the consequence meaningful enough to get my attention.

I know she can be more severe if she wants. Based on our experience to date, she most likely will turn up the volume if she finds that I’m still committing the same offense too often. She says that she sees how my bottom is reacting. She goes for an even, dark red. I think she monitors my yelps. She wants to hear me respond. I’m not sure how she does it. All I know is that I’m very unhappy by the end of ten minutes.

Saturday night, I was sorry I ever asked her to spank me. I suppose that’s also a good sign. Mrs. Lion isn’t about to stop just because I’m unhappy about being spanked.