Lion is Feeling Better. Zzzzzzzzz….

This morning, I participated in Wreaths Across America. Volunteers lay wreaths on military graves simultaneously in all national cemeteries. I had no idea there were national cemeteries except for Arlington before we moved out here and I saw a sign for the local one. It turns out my uncle is buried in a national cemetery in Pennsylvania. For a few years I’d been seeing information on Facebook for Wreaths Across America but always managed to see it after the event had taken place. This year, I vowed to take part in it in memory of my uncles, and in honor of my son who is active duty Army. I’m glad I went and I’ll do it again in the future. I laid my wreath at the marker for a sergeant from World War I. Thank you for your service, sir.

Other than my outing this morning, there’s not much going on. Lion is still sick. He’s been battling nausea for a few days. Since he’s had a productive cough for so long, I wondered if he might have pneumonia. I know he got vaccinated but that never means you’re guaranteed not to get it. He’s going to the doctor on Monday. My mind says he’s fine but my heart says he should be checked out.

My cough/sniffles/sinus pain probably started out with the CPAP and now I’ve got a cold. Generally I’ll have a cold for a month or more. I normally don’t get really sick, although I will be more listless than usual. In some respects it would be better if I’d just give in to it and let it run its course. But if Lion is sick and I can manage to get my butt out of bed, I’m the one who does the cooking, cleaning, pet feeding, etc.

I assume (and I’m not really assuming, I’m telling) we won’t be doing any waxing this weekend. Every time Lion announces he thinks he’s feeling better, he collapses into a coughing fit or falls asleep for a long nap. I’m not buying it. I told him to keep his fuzzy buns in bed while I was gone this morning. He managed to get himself some breakfast but he did stay in bed the rest of the time. And I am no longer going to make any more predictions about his feeling better or what we’ll do once that happens. He’ll be well when he’s well and we’ll go from there.

Five Years Into Male Chastity

First chastity device

This is the first cage that Mrs. Lion locked on me. It was way too big. I’m getting hard in this picture.
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It’s five years since Mrs. Lion locked me into a Chinese chastity device. You can see it (right). It had a hinged base ring. The hinge pinched my tender scrotum. The device was barely wearable. Somehow I managed to keep it on for the first few months. It did come off for a week at a time to allow sores from the split ring to heal. The long cage made accurate peeing impossible. Mrs. Lion persevered. I had no choice.

Lion's penis in first jail bird

The first image published here. It was me in my new Jail Bird. Still too long, it served well for many months.
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I was very excited to be locked up. This was the culmination of years of dreaming about sexual control. That cage stayed on until February when I got my first Mature Metal Jail Bird. In fact, the first image published on the blog was of me wearing this device (left).

This device was very comfortable and I wore it for years. The cage itself was too long. My urethra was rarely in contact with the top of the cage. As a result, every time I had to pee standing up, I first used a Q-Tip to maneuver my penis to center the urethra in the opening.

Day-to-day wearing was very comfortable. Occasionally, I would have to adjust my underwear to stop a minor pinch. Rarely, the cage had to come off for a day or two to let an irritation heal.

I learned that Mature Metal could adjust cages at a reasonable cost. I asked about shortening my cage. They agreed to do it. After careful measurement, Mrs. Lion suggested that we go from the 1-3/4 inch length to 1-1/4 inches. We sent the cage off and I was a wild lion for a few weeks.

shortened Jail Bird

This is my Jail Bird with the cage shortened to 1-1/4 inches. Now my urethra poked out almost all the time.
(Click image to view larger)

The rebuilt cage was a much better fit (right). My urethra poked out of the center hole nearly all them time. Every inch of my penis was in firm contact with the cage. It’s surprisingly comfortable to wear. I was surprised to learn that a very short cage is much more comfortable than a longer one. In fact, cage length isn’t a critical measurement. Almost any man can comfortably wear a cage 1-1/2 inches long or less.

The critical measurements are the diameter of the base ring and the diameter of the cage. If either is too small, the cage will be uncomfortable and difficult to wear.

Over all these years, I never masturbated when allowed to be wild. I’ve been trained to keep my paws off my penis. Even a stubborn, old lion learns after years of his penis being locked in a cage.

I really like that Mrs. Lion has total control over my penis. It’s her toy. This is true whether or not it is locked in a little cage. I prefer being locked up. Though the presence of a device makes no difference in my ability to have sexual pleasure.

Right now, I’m wild. Instead of a cage, I will be locked into a special cock ring. Unlike the cage, it allows me to get hard and even play with myself. I won’t do that. I’m well trained. If, for some reason, I “forget”, the Jail Bird is waiting in my underwear drawer.


Locking Cock Ring

locking cock ring

This is a Mature Metal locking cock ring. It’s not on me. Mine should be arriving in a few days. Then you can see it on me.
(Click image to visit selling site)

My view on enforced chastity has been evolving over the last five years. It began when I found myself aroused thinking about my penis living in a small cage that prevented any sexual activity. My wife and lioness would have the only key. Masturbation, even erections would be impossible unless she unlocked me. My ability to ejaculate would be completely under her control. That’s still a very hot idea to me.

I wore my Jail Bird chastity cage for over three years. It came off for teasing and travel. My only erections were at Mrs. Lion’s hands. She unlocked me almost every day for a teasing session. When she finished, she locked me back into my little cage.

Over time, the cage became part of me. I felt naked if it wasn’t locked on. I “forgot’ that I could get hard and ejaculate on my own. I was effectively trained not to sexually touch my penis. I admit that it surprised me when I realized this. After all, I had been jerking off since I was eleven. Without giving it any real thought, I had been trained to keep my paws off my penis.

If you had asked me if I could be trained that way, I would have vehemently denied the possibility. My penis has been my trusty companion, always available to make me feel good. I’m not entirely sure I would have introduced enforced male chastity if I thought this would have been the outcome.

It never occurred to me that I wouldn’t be able to play with myself even if wild. After three years in my cage, that’s exactly what happened. Mrs. Lion’s sexual control no longer required hardware. But I like hardware. I like the feeling of being restrained. Too bad. It’s no longer needed. I’ve been wild. I am trained not to touch. Mrs. Lion can have fun with me without the bother of unlocking a chastity device.

I miss the hardware. I miss the bondage. Mrs. Lion is willing to lock me up in my Jail Bird again. She points out that the last time I asked her, after a couple of weeks I wanted release. I loved the bondage, but had a lot of trouble with adjusting the cage and pee spraying. This, of course, isn’t new. I was happy to endure these inconveniences for over three years. Now, it seems like too much trouble.

The reason my feelings have changed is that I know the cage isn’t needed to prevent me from playing with myself. It’s locking jewelry at this point. I still want to be “marked” as belonging to Mrs. Lion. Traditional collars don’t work. I wrote about that yesterday. Thanks to a Google search, I found the Mature Metal locking cock ring. This device is essentially the same as my Jail Bird with the cage cut off. Once attached, it’s securely fastened to me and I can’t remove it without a key.

Unlike the chastity device, the locking cock ring is designed to permit me to have full erections. This is for Mrs. Lion’s convenience and pleasure. Normally, cock rings are considered intimate male jewelry. Men wear them because a ring pushes the balls forward and puts pressure on the erect penis helping it stay hard. They facilitate erections.

The Mature Metal locking version is no different. The top (penis only) ring is a size wider than the diameter of my chastity cage to facilitate erections. My cage is 1-1/4 inches in diameter. The penis ring on the new locking cock ring is 1-3/8 inches. I can get hard. The additional size won’t necessarily make the erection completely comfortable. It will squeeze my erect penis. That will help hold the blood in and make me harder.

Until now, a device has been locked over my penis to assure I couldn’t get an erection. Now I’ll be wearing a device that not only allows one, but enhances it. Of course, my erections are for Mrs. Lion’s pleasure. It’s nice that I like them too, but not the point. This is the first locking penis device I will wear that allows  me to get hard. For me, at least, it’s a new kind of penis bondage.


I’m such a pushover. Lion showed the first signs of being interested in sex last night and I gave him an orgasm. This is after telling him that I was just going to get him hard and leave him hanging. I always say that and do more.

Personally, I think Lion got himself jump-started by researching about the cageless cage. All that looking at cages and cock rings and talking to the Mature Metal folks got him in the mood for love. He just shook his head at me. I’m serious. He’s been sick and barely able to stay awake. Suddenly he’s horny? And Mr. Weenie was certainly hard. He even rewarded me with some yummy creme filling. Yup. It was the research that did it.

Lion thinks the new cage will be here by Monday. He thinks he’ll be able to stay locked while I edge him. I’m not convinced but we’ll see. I’m just not sure how that will work. I realize he’ll be able to get an erection. But I like playing with his balls when I tease him. I like them loose. It seems like the cage will get in the way.

Maybe Lion will be hornier because he’s in bondage all the time. If he remains locked while I’m playing with him, does that take the place of tying him up? Is it apples to apples? Other than orgasms, which I don’t think he can safely have with the cage on, why would I need to unlock him?

I have my doubts about this new setup but not enough to stop Lion from trying it. Of course I told him he could get it. It might turn out to be the best thing since the Jail Bird. If nothing else, it’s another experiment. I like experiments.