No Cum for Me

Lion wanted to try using lube when I play with him. I swear he said he didn’t like it. Then he said he wanted to use it every time. I thought maybe we’d try it now and then like we use the Magic Wand. Nope. I guess he’s looking at it as another experiment. He wants to see what will happen. Fair enough.

In all fairness, I probably should have tied his balls or used some clothespins to get him more excited. Instead, I just put some lube on my hand and started slowly yanking my weenie. There was definitely a response. He got hard. He just didn’t do more than that.

In the past he’s said I use too much lube. To me, if it’s supposed to be mimicking a vagina, it needs to be somewhat slurpy. He’s the one who’s been in a vagina so he’d be the one to ask, but I think we needed a little more lube.

Lion thinks we needed a different motion. I’m not sure what motion. Up and down? In and out? That’s the same round about motion. I’m willing to try if he can explain to me what he wants. Even if it’s wrong. If it’s an experiment then we can try all sorts of different things. Maybe it was the wrong lube. I think it was a silicone lube but I may be wrong. Maybe it was the wrong silicone lube. It’s not like we don’t have a bunch of different lubes around. That’s just the one I used to use.

By the time I got Lion anywhere near the edge, I figured he wouldn’t get there easily again so I gave him an orgasm. In hindsight, I probably should have just stopped and tried again tonight. Nothing says I have to get him to the edge. I am reluctant to give up on him if he’s willing to continue, though. If he says we’re done, I stop.

The one thing I didn’t think about until I gave Lion his orgasm, is that I don’t get to eat the Lion crème filling when I use lube. Boooo! Foul! Flag on the play! Illegal use of the lube. Oh well. He won’t always get to come when I use lube.

Slippery When Wanked

(Thursday) Today is Valentine’s Day. We usually don’t make a big deal out of it. It feels artificial. The simple fact is that Mrs. Lion is my one true love. I make sure that I let her know that every single day, not just on Valentine’s Day. Because of the power outage and the fact that getting around is very difficult, we dispensed with cards and flowers etc. I know Mrs. Lion is tired and probably won’t want to go out to dinner. So, I’ll do the cooking.

Between one thing and another, it’s been a while since we’ve played. Last night Mrs. Lion and I snuggled. She began to play with my penis and it felt very good. Maybe it felt too good. I fell asleep. That was very unexpected. It certainly wasn’t because I was uninterested in sex. It was eight days since my last orgasm. I think the stress of the power being out and not sleeping well got to me. Last night I got a reasonable amount of sleep. Maybe if she’s in the mood, I’ll get another chance tonight to at least go to the edge.

Today (Thursday)  is my ninth day of waiting. Perhaps Mrs. Lion will let us go to a nice round number of 10 days. That’s fine with me. I think she needs a chance to recover from all the extra work she said to do around the house. It will be nice to have a normal evening at home.

The other day I wrote about hand job techniques. After she read the post, I asked Mrs. Lion about her preferences. She said that she liked using lube but thought that I didn’t enjoy it as much when she did. I remember that we discussed this. I think it’s more that I need to get used to the different sensations and she the more varied techniques she can use. I would really like it if we went back to using lube when she plays with my penis.

Her lubed hand does feel great, not that her dry hand doesn’t. She knows exactly how to rub me the right way. Even though it’s been well over five years since I’ve jerked off, all of my sexual contact with my penis has been without lube. I was thinking that if Mrs. Lion went to a lubed contact, it would further differentiate her hand from mine.

Anyway, I’m pretty sure that it will take some time for me to get fully used to a slippery lioness paw. I imagine that I will soon learn to love her slippery grip. I think that if she lets me hump her lubricated hand, the sensation will be completely different from what I experienced in the past. As you know, I like new adventures.

We have a number of different kinds of lube. It will be interesting to experience how they change my sensations. Years ago, I participated in a hand job workshop. My role was to provide my penis for woman to learn various techniques. It was interesting to say the least. The workshop leader provided bottles of warm coconut oil. Coconut oil is solid at room temperature. He heeded the little bottles for a short time in a microwave. It felt amazing. I’m not sure whether it was the oil or my role in the workshop that made it so cool, but I had a very good time. FYI, I didn’t get to come. It was for the benefit of the participants not the male volunteers.

Speaking of lube, it’s been a very long time since Mrs. Lion has shoved anything up my ass. I’m not sure why, but we seem to have abandoned that activity. That’s too bad. I just bought a special pad that attaches to the base of the dildo if it’s being used in the RodeOh strap-on panties. It’s designed to stabilize the dildo and provide pleasant sensations to the woman.

Before we can use the strap-on, I need to be trained to accept manual pegging. This requires uncomfortable practice several times a week. I’ve been thinking about it and might be interesting to go back to this activity. Of course, it means work for Mrs. Lion and she has to feel up to doing it.

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I enjoy consistency. Maybe it’s too much to begin two new activities at the same time. Since I know Mrs. Lion likes lubed hand jobs, I would suggest we begin with that. The idea really turns me on.

It’s Messy

We got power at about 6 pm yesterday. It’s always such a surprise when it comes on before they told us it would. I expect it to be a tease and go right back off again, but it stayed on. Lion was snoozing so I started undoing all the wiring without waking him. I still have to put some things away but all the power cords are stowed.

The other night when Lion said “buh, buh, buh” and I growled at him, I thought he was going to tell me he was horny and wanted attention. I was sore and tired from dealing with the snow, the generator and the fireplace. I didn’t want to hear what he wanted. Whenever he says “buh, buh, buh” when he knows I’ve spent a long time doing something that will leave me sore and tired, I want to snarl at him. That was the first time I did.

I made it to work today, only to realize that the roads here are worse than our road. At least our road has sort of a slot track look to it. Keep your tires in the slots and it’s fairly bare road. Around work it’s like no one ever heard of the concept of following in someone else’s tracks. Now that it’s warming up, it’s slushy and disgusting. If it freezes tonight, it will be a lot worse.

Tomorrow, I’ll make sure Lion can get to his eye doctor. His car can probably make it through the slot track, but I want to be sure. My truck is a bit of a problem to park in Seattle, but at least I know we’ll get through our road. Better safe than sorry. And we’ll have one more day to spend together.

Lion remembered it was punishment day today. I’m glad he knows what day it is. For the past few days I’ve had no idea. I was a day off for at least a day. I guess not going to work does that to you. And then the power was off so I was really confused.

Perhaps tonight Lion will be more receptive to play. Last night we snuggled and I started playing with my weenie when I heard a soft snoring noise. Oh well. It was late-ish and he’d been tired. It’s a good thing I don’t let that make me feel bad.

The Lights Are On Again

The power finally came back on about dinnertime last night. I was snoozing at the time. Mrs. Lion quietly took apart the wiring she had put in, turned off the generator, and put the house in order. I woke up to find all the lights working and our central heating trying to warm up our very cold house.

Power came on just-in-time. Today is punishment day. I’m not sure if I have of spanking coming, but Mrs. Lion did growl at me the other night when I went, “buh buh buh”. I never got to say why I was making that sound. She was having none of it. I was startled to say the least. Mrs. Lion almost never growls, but when she does, I listen.

I think the effects of the drug I tried have worn off. I am definitely horny. With the power back on, I’m also clean and smell good. I had a shower after dinner. Mrs. Lion had one an hour later. It’s nice to be clean. These last couple of days were chilly but also nice. We got to hunker down together and wait out our blackout.

I’m writing this while Mrs. Lion is in the shower. I’m not sure that she isn’t too sore and tired to test out my newly-horny state. I hope she isn’t. If she is, I’ll be fine. There’s always tomorrow.