What The Sam Hill!

Like almost every guy who is locked in a male chastity device, it was my idea to wear it. I can’t imagine how puzzling it was to Mrs. Lion when I asked her to put it on me and keep the key. She knew that I liked being tied up and that I love to try new things. Over the years she tied me up, spanked me, put toys up my ass, and used all sorts of painful toys on my cock and balls. So my request wasn’t shocking to her.

It did puzzle her. She also figured I would ask to be unlocked after a few days. I didn’t. She agreed to continue. We developed a routine of unlocking me every couple of days and edging me. About once a week she teased me and then masturbated me to orgasm. It was fun. She didn’t mind doing it.

We’ve both written about how, over time, this routine helped our marriage. But that’s not what I’m talking about today. The big question I’ve never answered is why I wanted to have my cock locked up in the first place?

The obvious answer is that I like bondage and locking my penis in a little cage is a form of 24/7 bondage. That’s a hot idea. I imagine most of the guys who like enforced chastity have this as at least part of the reason they do it. But it’s much more complex than that.

Just look around the Web Some guys wear chastity devices as sexual jewelry. Some chastity devices are made of exotic metals and are penile works of art. They can cost many thousands of dollars. They collect these devices and wear them on “dates”. I admit that I like try new devices. My motivation is curiosity. I don’t have the ability to put them on and take them off. I never have a key.

Some wear them because they like being made to wait a long time for an orgasm. A small number get emotional satisfaction from never having another orgasm. Enforced chastity to them is a physical manifestation of this need. Nope, that’s not me.

Another reason is to atone for sexual misdeeds. No, this isn’t the scenario where the angry wife locks her husband up to assure he won’t stray again. It’s much more complex. I suspect it’s guilt; a way to atone for perceived sin. It doesn’t mean he cheated. He may have sexual desires that he may feel guilty about. He might ejaculate for his partner, but he may also learn to ruin his own orgasms.

I don’t fit into that category either.

None of the above are actually sexually submissive. They are locked up to meet a personal need. Their partners aren’t required to do anything other than locking and sometimes unlocking their partners.

Now let’s get to what I think got me into this. Initially, the bondage aspect got me going. It’s still part of the fun for me. But that’s not enough to keep us at this for so many years. Enforced chastity is a lucky discovery that’s helped us around a growing problem in our lives.

Mrs. Lion lost her interest in sex some years ago. We have no idea why. We tried trying to jump start it by having me give her orgasms. I could easily get her off, but she admitted that she didn’t really enjoy them. Couple that with the fact that I’ve never been very good at initiating sex, a physical chasm opened between us.

My loss of sexual interaction with Mrs. Lion wasn’t the only casualty. While we remained emotionally close and very much in love, touching became limited to holding hands. We both felt a physical distance.

By locking me into a chastity device, we were forced to interact physically and sexually. The device removed any guilt I had for not initiating sex. I was physically incapable of sex without Mrs. Lion unlocking me. Our agreed routine of regular edging and ejaculation forced sexual contact. My captivity gave us endless opportunities for conversation and teasing.

As time went by — we’re now in our fifth year — our physical intimacy became habit. Even when I’m unlocked our routine continues. Ironically, after I am wild for a while, we miss that device locked on me. So, it goes back on. Is it that we worry my lack of a chastity device will allow us to lapse back into the bad, old ways? That may be part of it. I’m not sure, but I think it also may be that both of us consider enforced male chastity our natural state.

For the record, the enforced chastity has no part in our Female Led Relationship with Discipline (FLRD). My lockup, teasing, and orgasms are never part of it. I’ve asked Mrs. Lion to consider integrating it into our FLRD. She doesn’t want to do it. I understand. Even though it may appear that our power exchange encompasses enforced male chastity, it really doesn’t. Her sexual control of me is completely separate.

Almost Too Late

Something is wrong. Our trip, aside from a missed exit, is going very well. There’s usually some problem with the setup. Nope. It went fine. We went to dinner and got right in. No waiting. The only issue is that the three campsites near us are full of people who are together. That means lots of kids, lots of noise, and dogs allowed to roam around. Our dog is not thrilled.

When we got back from dinner we watched TV. I like watching TV in the living room. I’m not really a fan of watching TV in bed. We were both tired. Just after 10 I suggested going into the bedroom. To my surprise, Lion was horny. His allergies are better in this climate.

I edged him a few times. I got him very close. And then I stopped. I have no idea how many days it’s been since his last orgasm but I wasn’t going to give in on the first night of a trip. We want to play and we can’t do that if he’s not honry. Therefore, he won’t have an orgasm until Monday at least. I need time to torture him.

Lion wasn’t happy about just being edged. Well, he did his “buh, buh, buh, horny” routine. I think he was happy with the attention. He just wished he could have had an orgasm. But then we couldn’t have had fun tonight. Or tomorrow. If he could manage an orgasm a night then everything would be fine. For all I know he can. But I’m not willing to take a chance. There’s a certain amount of pressure to play on trips. We tend to be very lax about it. I want to change that this summer.

I also owe Lion some swats for spilling food on his shirt yesterday. I’d decided to punish him this morning but forgot to tell him. We were drifting off to sleep when he reminded me. He’s a good boy.

Traveling Lions

lions eating out

We like to eat out when we travel.

My allergies have been off the hook lately. Aside from the stuffy nose, sneezing, and coughing, my libido has been in the toilet. This too will pass. Now that we are on our vacation trip, I’m hoping the mountain air will give me a reprieve. I also wonder if my body has learned that nothing is going to happen until at least four days pass.

Yesterday was the fourth day. That was also the day we drove over four hours and set up our trailer. We also had to go to a nearby town for some supplies and cell service. Today  (the fifth waiting day), is the first real opportunity for ejaculation. Of course, that depends on Mrs. Lion’s interest in getting me off. She may want to play and tease me. Or, she may not want to do anything at all.

On past trips, we had very little sexual/play action. It isn’t that Mrs. Lion has no interest. Since we need to take her truck to drag the trailer, she usually does the lion’s share of the driving. By the time we get back to the trailer in the afternoon, she needs a break. Then we usually go out again for dinner; another long round trip drive. She’s tired.

Hopefully, on this trip we will figure out a way around this. Play/sex first thing in the morning just doesn’t work for me. I’m not a morning person at all. Maybe this time we will work out a way to play. If we don’t, it’s OK. We love doing things together. Mrs. Lion brought a big bag full of toys — her Go Bag. Clearly, the intention is to use it on this trip.

I will remain hopeful. I realize that our daily prowling around the area does sap energy. It may end up that we don’t get to do much sexually on our trips. I’m hoping we can find a way to do more, but It’s fine if we don’t.


If All Goes Well…

We should be all set up at our campsite by the time this post publishes. With any luck it will be warm. With any luck we’ll have time to settle in before dinner time.

After dinner we’ll be tired but I’ll make sure we snuggle. Depending on how we feel (my sinuses have been hurting too) we may even get in some edging. By Saturday night, again depending on how we feel, I’ll make sure we play.

It’s too easy to sit in our recliners and not play. The TV can wait. There’s nothing on TV more important than Lion. Besides, there’s a TV in the bedroom too. We can watch while we snuggle. And pause when we’re ready.

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