Yesterday it finally happened. After 28  days Mrs. Lion gave me a fantastic blow job culminating with a truly awesome orgasm. This is the record wait for me. Mrs Lion said that it may be the all time record for me. I’m glad.

I was concerned that after such a long wait my orgasm would be more pain than fun. It wasn’t. OK, it also wasn’t the best ever, but it was very good and lasted longer than any orgasm I can remember. Relief at last!

I think we both learned from the long wait. My interest in ejaculation waxed and waned and then returned with a vengeance. Even though I was edged almost every night, the sharp punctuation of ejaculation made a dent in our intimacy. I can’t explain it, but we both noticed.

I enjoyed breaking my record. It was more of a “See I can do it,” than any real feeling of accomplishment. I’m not interested in treating sex as an abstinence challenge. I prefer a balance between the tension of waiting and the ultimate satisfaction of ejaculation.

The deed was done late Saturday afternoon. Now I am basking in the glow of my long-delayed release. So, please excuse the very brief post. I want to go back to basking.

The Return of Mr. Weenie

Of course Mr. Weenie never really left. He was just not interested. Last night he was back in full force. Standing tall and proud while I edged him. I love the feel of Lion when he’s very hard. Such soft skin covering a powerful cock.

I believe we’ve concluded our experiment. We now know if Lion will lose interest with a long wait and how long it will take to get him interested again. I never wanted him to wait 28 days but here we are. I wonder, since he kept insisting on 28 days, if he didn’t somehow subconsciously lose interest and regain it so he’d have to wait 28 days. Is it possible for him to have done that? If it is, I know he didn’t do it on purpose.

We’ve done all of our Thanksgiving shopping early. Except for picking up some prescriptions from the store, we have no errands to run. I have to clean the house both for Lion’s allergies and for guests we’re having for Thanksgiving. And I have the usual laundry to do. Other than that, the weekend is free for play. Lion will be in the sling at some point today and, if I remember, he’ll be in the perfect position for part one of manscaping. I can shave him while he’s splayed out in front of me.

Before Lion is even done with this wait, he’s angling for November to be a one orgasm month. I’m not so sure. I like having the freedom to make him come whenever I want him to come. This long wait (for us) was sort of stressful. In some areas I do well under pressure. In others I don’t. Plus, I love Lion’s crème filling. I want it. I’m fairly sure Lion will end his wait this weekend. I don’t know about November being a one orgasm month. That would be another longish wait back to back with his record wait.

So I’m hearing you scream, “Go for it!” and “Make him wait!” The thing is, I’m realizing that he’s so close to a month (30 days) without an orgasm and the longer he waits this time, the less his wait will be next time and now I’m thinking it would be better to wait until he’s actually made it the thirty days before giving him his orgasm. And then later I’ll get him in the sling and feel his hard cock and change my mind. I don’t know.

What I do know is that if I make him wait for a full 30 days, that record will stand for a very long time if not permanently. We proved we could wait that long. We found out how long it takes for Lion to lose and regain interest. End of experiment and of experiments like it. I’m happy with our shorter waits. I think Lion is too.

[Lion – 30 days? Oh no!]

I Love My Work

(Friday) My allergies have been incredibly active lately. Itching keeps me from sleep as well as overwhelming any sexual interest I might have. As a result, we are in my 27th day of waiting. Mrs. Lion wanted to take an orgasm almost a week ago. Last night at almost 1am, I was not only sleepless but scratching like I had fleas (I don’t). Mrs. Lion’s sleep was interrupted by my moving around. She offered to change the bed. I accepted. She muttered that she should have done it hours ago, but I demurred. I didn’t want to trouble her. My mistake.

After Mrs. Lion changed the bed linen, I was fine and we both got to sleep. In case you are wondering, I can’t help her change the bed because the dander and dust that makes me itch, flies into the air when the sheets are removed, making me much worse. Several months ago, I cleaned the bedroom carpet. Even though the carpet cleaning machine deposits dirt into a water solution, enough dander and dust was kicked up that I needed to use a rescue inhaler.

All this leaves a lot of hard work to my lioness. She is an amazingly loving wife. Doing this physical work is difficult and painful for her. She does it without complaint. I am so lucky that she loves me.

The stereotypical female led relationship has the male doing the lioness’ share (Did you see what I did here?) of housework. She relaxes and eats bon bons. Obviously, that’s not our situation. The male fantasy about being submissive in a FLR is all about him doing menial work and providing sexual pleasure for the dominant female. That simply doesn’t translate to reality. There are guys who actually do the housework and feed bon bons to their wives. They do it as part of their effort to realize that sexy fantasy about submission.

As most of us have learned, it’s not easy to get a woman to accept this role. From what I’ve read, guys are mystified that a woman would turn down such a great deal. Who wouldn’t want to have a slave devoted to her sexual pleasure?

Pretty much any thinking woman.

If this woman happens to be your partner, she has to wonder why she has to play a role to get your devotion. You’re saying that in order for you to maximize her sexual pleasure, she has to change the way she relates to you. Shouldn’t you do all this because you love her? Of course you should. The point is that asking your partner to take charge with enforced chastity and/or FLR is, in your mind, a transaction. You want to trade pleasing her for your submission.

This seems like a good deal for her. It isn’t. If you don’t see why, reread this post from the top before going on. Being the dominant partner in either a BDSM scene or in a lifestyle power exchange is work. You don’t have anything to trade for this work. Nothing. Anything you offer in exchange for her service as a dominant is already something you should be doing now. That’s the rub. Of course, there’s another issue: You want this to be “real”, so negotiation gives you power and makes you appear (to yourself) as less submissive.

I bring all this up because we get challenged that we don’t really have a (fill in the blank) power exchange. The reason? The fact that Mrs. Lion and I are equals in almost everything. I relinquish my equality in some aspects of our relationship. Those areas include my ability to decide when I can have any form of sex. They also include giving Mrs. Lion the right to make rules regarding my behavior and enforcing them as she sees fit.

That’s quite a lot, but it’s way less than everything. I still pay the bills and we jointly make most of the decisions. Neither of us lives under the illusion that we have created a female-led marriage that touches everything between us. What we have is a gift from my lioness. Because I want and need it, she has assumed a level of control that makes me happy. Well, it doesn’t make me happy all the time. Let’s say it provides me with a sense of place and security. She is making a dream come true.

I’m doing nothing in return. There’s nothing I can do. With or without our power exchange, I will do everything I can to make her happy. There’s no need to force me to do my job as her mate. I love my work!

One Of My Favorite Blogs

I’m an avid reader of other blogs about male chastity, spanking, and lifestyle power exchanges. I’m a big fan of Strict Julie Spanks, a blog that accurately reports BDSM scenes between Julie and her husband. The reason this site deserves particular mention is that Julie doesn’t just do scenes that relate to the fantasies of her husband and she. She incorporates the fantasies of her readers in her real-life activities.

It’s true that her posts are “enhanced” to make them more arousing to her almost-entirely male readership. But, she assures me that the activities described are real and the action is accurately reported.

I don’t normally do commercials for other blogs. Bloggers are selfish hoarders of their readers. In the past I’ve written about other blogs without any acknowledgment or reciprocation. Julie is the lone exception. That’s not why this post is about her.

Aside from being hot, her posts offer insight into how to build a successful BDSM scene. For example, even though I’ve taught many workshops on spanking technique, when it came to my own punishment, I felt that there needed to be a difference between punishment and play spanking. Julie taught me that I was wrong.

It turns out that punishment spanking is exactly the same as “play” spanking. Simply beating someone as hard as you can from the start certainly didn’t work when Mrs. Lion tried that on me. I couldn’t take much at all. But, when she used the tried-and-true technique of gradual buildup, a spanking went from eight swats to hundreds. It wasn’t fun for me. It hurt a lot and left me sore and red.

She could successfully send me a painful message in a way I could barely handle; but I could handle it. Julie’s explicit descriptions of her work on her husband were the inspiration I needed to suggest this change to Mrs. Lion. As a result, our FLR with discipline became more effective.

The reason I picked this particular time to recommend Julie’s blog is her most recent post, “Husband Made to Take the Breast“. She took suggestions from her readers and incorporated some in her scene. In this case it was simulated breast feeding. I have no idea if this is something either of them wanted before the suggestion, but based on her post she did a fantastic job of creating a living fantasy.

For the record, I’m not interested at all in Mrs. Lion breast feeding me. This example is a way of illustrating the kind of creativity that makes her blog so much fun to read. She’s been writing for about six years. Her content is always fresh. I’ve gone back and read her earlier posts. There’s a fun, consistent story of a couple’s evolution in BDSM. That’s rare in the blogosphere.