Yesterday, we searched for a sport coat for Lion to wear to my son’s wedding. We found one at a clearance price, and the store does alterations. I was positive we’d be going from store to store, not finding anything Lion wanted and wind up spending a fortune on something he didn’t really like. As Lion said, he only has to wear it once. I would have felt horrible having to spend a lot on something that will only be used once. We completely lucked out at the first store. [Lion — I wasn’t looking for a bargain, just something the right weight that looked good. We selected a large men’s store. I assumed they would have the best selection and offer alterations. I expected to pay a few hundred dollars for the jacket. I always have spent that in the past. The salesmen showed me a sports jacket that fit and looked OK. Since I didn’t plan to wear it much, it seemed fine. The price on the tag was reasonable, about $180. When he told us that it was marked down to only $59, I was shocked. Mrs. Lion was happy. With alterations, we ended up spending a lot less than we thought we would. Pretty cool!]

My back is still sore. However, I am fairly certain I can give Lion some attention tonight. I have to be careful about how I move. That may sound bad, but as long as I don’t twist too much, I’m fine. I think the biggest problem is the bed and the way I lay in it. I have to either be flat or sitting up. I can’t be leaning back. Halfway is no good. Slouched definitely doesn’t work. I think that’s why I’m okay all day at work as long as I pivot my whole body rather than twisting. Getting in and out of the car and sometimes making turns, if I’m not careful, tweak it too.

We’ll have to try it to know for sure, but I think I can suck Lion tonight. I know he isn’t super horny, but I’d like to try. I’m not sure snuggling will work, but face down on the bed should. Facedown on a Lion is nice. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can do a “just because” spanking yet. That would be too much bending and twisting. I’m sure I can make an exception if he does something that warrants punishment. Otherwise, I’ll take it easy for a while.

Lion both wants and doesn’t want a “just because” spanking. He knows it will do both of us good. He’d rather not feel it during or after. I can sort of sympathize with his inability to find a comfortable sitting position. My back hurts because I did something stupid somewhere along the line. Lion’s butt also hurts when he does something stupid.  The difference is that I have no idea what I did to deserve my pain. That’s not the case with Lion.

Mrs. Lion’s back is still giving her trouble. We’ve had to call an audible on play or sex. That’s not a problem for me. It’s only been five days since my last ejaculation. Sure, I’m horny. So What! Mrs. Lion’s health and comfort has to come first. I am perfectly happy to wait until she feels better.

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It may hurt, but it is an expression of Mrs. Lion’s love.

This seems to be one of those times when my sex drive is working properly again. Ironic, huh? Still, it doesn’t matter. My lioness needs to feel better before I’ll feel good about receiving her attention. I know she wants to give me a just-because spanking. It’s been two weeks since I’ve seen the business end of her paddle. As she wrote in her post yesterday,

“I’ll have to do a just because spanking soon. I can’t let him forget what it feels like to be punished. And I can’t let myself forget how to do it well. Practice makes perfect.”

It seems that we both feel the need to refresh our disciplinary activities. We both resisted the concept of maintenance spankings, but we’ve learned that there is real wisdom behind that concept. I need it because the memory of how much I hate a spanking fades after a couple of weeks. What’s left is the sexually arousing spanking fantasies. When that starts, I need to be reminded how unhappy I get when Mrs. Lion spanks me. The idea turns me on right now. I know that means I’m due.

It’s possible that Mrs. Lion benefits more than me. Being a disciplinary wife is difficult. It took a lot of years for Mrs. Lion to get where she is now. There is nothing intuitive about her role. Delivering an adult spanking that makes a strong impression takes practice. It’s more than an exercise in using paddles on a bare bottom. It takes emotional resolve. The goal of a disciplinary spanking is to deliver as much pain as possible for ten or more minutes. It’s to leave me sufficiently bruised so that I feel the fruits of her efforts every time I sit for days afterward.

That’s not easy to do. Mrs. Lion has worked hard to deliver that sort of spanking. She’s well on her way. As she said in that post,

” Practice makes perfect. If that’s true, I bet Lion doesn’t want me to be perfect. I need too much practice”

It’s true that each time she “practices” I suffer. That’s the idea. Since I asked her to be my disciplinary wife, that’s the price I have to pay for the privilege. Actually, as we’ve discovered, I need her to practice frequently too. The obvious question is, what is the maximum time between spankings? Assuming I don’t do anything to earn one, it seems that two weeks seems to be the longest for me. I think Mrs. Lion may need to deliver a spanking more frequently than that. If my memory serves, we were happiest and most productive when I received at least one a week.

Those were times when I was spilling on my shirt and eating first fairly often. I was being punished frequently. The more often I earned punishment, the more observant Mrs. Lion became. her demeanor also changed. She was very definite when it was time for me to be spanked. It isn’t that she isn’t now, just that when she was very active she brought out the paddle and told me to get into position with no thought of getting my reaction. Nowadays, she seems ready for me to tell her that I don’t want a spanking just then. She’s willing to postpone my punishment.  When I was frequently offending, she wasn’t interested in whether or not I was ready to be paddled. She was ready and that’s all that mattered.

I didn’t like it at the time, but I like it in principle. She’s in charge and if she wants to spank me for any reason, it’s my job to present my bare bottom. Period. That’s the way it has to be. Since I get spanked more infrequently, I appear to bleed more. The bleeding isn’t due to injury. I think it is just that my skin sometimes cracks a bit. I think a small band-aid will stop me from making a mess. Other guys have mentioned that they also bleed. Some say that over time that stops. That’s another reason for more practice, I guess. As Mrs. Lion says, practice makes perfect.

Ever since she mowed a patch of the lawn for our dog–she doesn’t like high grass tickling her bottom when she pees–Mrs. Lion’s back has been bothering her. [Mrs. Lion — It was hurting before I mowed the lawn.] She made sure to tell me that it wouldn’t interfere if I wanted to play. It bothers me to cause her discomfort to give me pleasure. Since it’s only been four days since my last ejaculation, it’s a small sacrifice to forego sex.

For the record, the lion weather report has been tropical all day. All sorts of kinky and vanilla sexual thoughts have been going through my head and down there. The last time Mrs. Lion made me ejaculate, she added a butt plug for excitement. I admit it; anal stimulation definitely gets things going. Pegging is uncomfortable, and so far, I lose my erection when Mrs. Lion adds anal motion. I’m not sure this is a permanent condition. When I was getting fairly regular anal training, it was getting comfortable, even a little exciting.

I learned that the key to anal training is to move objects with changing shape in and out. A butt plug is a very good motion training tool. It’s fairly easy for me to learn to take a dildo or plug if held still. Motion bothers me. The training I get with a plug is that my anus is constantly forced to open and close as the object moves in and out. The objective is to train it to relax and remain open for easy access. Once I learn that pegging should feel good.

If you wonder if being trained to relax anally will cause leakage or other problems, it won’t. A few minutes after the anal visitation ends, the anus returns to its naturally tightly closed state. The next time something comes knocking, it will relax without a fuss. Then Mrs. Lion can peg me or even fist me. It’s uncomfortable in the beginning. That makes anal training a good way to make me feel my bottom role (forgive the pun).

I may not know how I hurt my back, but I think I figured out how I exacerbate it. I twist in my chair at work to file papers. Don’t do that! Today, I’ve been turning my whole body. What can I say? Old dog, new tricks.

My back was sore last night. Really sore. I thought Lion was not “asking” for attention because he didn’t want to hurt my back. When I told him it should be fine, he said he wasn’t feeling all that well. I’m not glad that he wasn’t feeling well, but I am glad that we were both out of commission together.

I won’t promise anything for tonight. I don’t know how we’ll feel. At the very least, it should be a snuggle night. We weren’t close at all last night. Every time I moved, it hurt. I don’t know if Lion was bothered by moving. He doesn’t normally move much, other than laying across the bed when I suck him. That’s when he moves the fastest.

Lion hasn’t earned himself a punishment in a while. I’ll have to do a just because spanking soon. I can’t let him forget what it feels like to be punished. And I can’t let myself forget how to do it well. Practice makes perfect. If that’s true, I bet Lion doesn’t want me to be perfect. I need too much practice. [Lion — It’s been 13 days since my last spanking.]

I have been on the lookout for him to slip up, specifically interruptions, and to be a know-it-all. He’s been on his best behavior. He even stopped himself from calling Grey’s Anatomy a soap opera. It took amazing restraint. I’m not sure what I would have done if he did. I don’t think it would have registered as a punishable offense. I might have if he kept saying it. Then he would have annoyed me, and I definitely would have caught him. I think it’s great he stopped himself.