Romancing The Bone

You don’t have to read too many male chastity posts before it is clear that in many guys’ minds the penis is an object of romance. It is a throbbing shaft aching to eject its nectar. Keyholders say things like, “Put that thick cock in my pussy and fuck me hard; but don’t come.” The female side of the chastity device sees that penis as an object deserving worship and love

Oh the mighty cock!

Evidence of phallic worship goes back as far as recorded history can reach. There’s something about that bone(r) that inspires art, music and religion. Of course the authors of all this attention happen to be male and have bones of their own.

I think that enforced male chastity is the modern equivalent of those ancient phallic practices. The penis is encased in a device that prevents sexual access. But it is so much more. Once locked up, it becomes the topic of conversation and fantasy.

It aches for release.

It begs the keyholder to let it out.

It wants orgasms.

It has blogs dedicated to it.

It becomes the active topic of discussion when sex comes up.

We males love it. Our cocks become acceptable topics of conversation. Wow!

Romance is about if or when the next ejaculation will occur. It talks about the mechanical satisfaction of the keyholder. It’s about the penis and where it does or doesn’t go.

I think we have to agree that all this penis talk is a male obsession. I don’t think that many women think of romance, or even sex, in terms of cocks and pussies. To them, romance is about eyes, words, touch, and thought. Orgasm is almost a byproduct of all this. Sex is an emotional experience. Yes, the ultimate orgasm is nice, but it isn’t necessarily the objective.

I’m no different than other guys. I am easily manipulated by promises of orgasms at some later date. I love the attention of being locked up and released from my cage. When not locked, I still think in terms of when Mrs. Lion will masturbated me to orgasm. My penis, which Mrs. Lion calls her weenie, is the center of my mental movie. I’m either thinking of how her weenie will be treated or how I can stimulate her to orgasm. When I think of pleasing her, I also think about how hard I get when I do it.

I’m smart enough to realize that this enjoyable-for-me way of thinking isn’t all that interesting to her. I have to remember that wonderful warmth I get from snuggling; the joy watching her sleeping next to me; how nice it feels when she touches me (not her weenie). It’s way too easy to let the penis take over. I can’t let it. When penis sex isn’t possible, romance is still there. Love is way more satisfying than ejaculation. Way more. But lest you forget, I would love to come tonight.

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Working Lion

Lion went in to work today. It was supposed to be for a few meetings. When I got home at 3 he still wasn’t home. He may be stuck in traffic or still waiting for his Uber ride. It’s kind of weird being home alone. Except for doctor appointments, Lion has been home for the past four weeks.

This morning Lion sent me an email at work. It was nice to see the tradition begin again. In his email, he said he was horny and not in pain. Yay! Those are two things I love to hear. I’m not sure if he’ll be in pain when he gets home. He may have overdone his I’m-free-to-roam-at-will outing. I told him to take it easy.

It’s hours later now. Lion is home, no worse for wear. He’s not in pain, although he did snooze for a while. I think we both did. I think going to work did him some good. He was almost convinced that they would get rid of him once they figured out they could survive without him. Now he knows they still want him. That’s always a nice feeling.

Since he snoozed earlier, he should be raring to go for sex later. In his email, he said I could start teasing him again. Tonight he says it’s time for an orgasm. I think the “old” Lion is definitely back. I’m not sure he’ll actually get that orgasm, but it’s nice to hear him say he wants one.

We have to be careful. I can’t let Lion do too much now that he’s not in pain. It’s too easy to overdo it and hurt himself. Of course, his shoulder will let him know when he’s done something stupid. Good thing his shoulder is so far from the parts I’ll be playing with.

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We are still working to get back the rest of our posts and pages. The site goes up and down as we try new things. I am up and down too in my recovery from surgery. Either I am in pain or feeling reactions from medications. My interest in sex has returned. That means Mrs. Lion and I can have fun again. She is enforcing her rules, at least the one about me eating before her. I suspect that I am interrupting her, but no feedback on that.

There is one change that I find disturbing. When I come, there is no semen. A very small amount drips out later after I am soft, but nothing when I orgasm. Mrs. Lion likes semen and I like making it for her. When I come, I feel as though I am ejaculating but I’m not. My average wait remain at 6.5 days. Maybe that is the natural wait for us. It’s been less than that now and I am definitely horny.

As things stabilize, the old feelings are returning. I was worrying that I wouldn’t be particularly interested in surrender and FLR with Mrs. Lion. It turns out that I’m beyond that. I’ve forgotten what I would be like without our power exchange. What used to be exciting kink is now ingrained in me. I’m still kinky and get turned on by her sexual control, but I no longer feel that there are any choices for me to make. It’s just the way we are.

I’ve been thinking about obedience too. In the sexual, BDSM sense, obedience is a turn on. But for me, at least, it’s now just the right thing to do. I realize that even if I were in a vanilla relationship, asking permission is a sign of respect and collaboration. By asking if I can do something I am sharing. In the vanilla relationship I suppose asking is more courtesy than genuine need for permission. But even in that context, if I asked if I could go somewhere and Mrs. Lion said no, what would happen? I suppose it would start a conversation to determine what is going on. In our current FLR, a no means I can’t do what I asked and that is the end of the subject.

My point is that from a behavioral perspective, FLR is just refining what I should have been doing all along. I hope Mrs. Lion will shorten my leash so I can further improve. I don’t really have to worry about the outside world thinking that I am weird. My behavior with my disciplining wife is well within the boundaries of “normal”. Someone would have to look very closely to notice that my requests are genuine and that I don’t expect an automatic agreement. Punishment is performed in private, so that isn’t something the outside world will see.

I’m very happy to be recovering. I’m also happy to feel our power exchange becoming a part of me and not just something kinky I do. I’m getting better.

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Separation Anxiety

When our server went down, it took out our email too. A few days later, Lion got it up and running under another website. Since I’ve gone back to work, I dutifully sign into my email and wait for emails from Lion. There haven’t been any.

It’s true that the rules were suspended so he’s not obligated to send me an email before noon every day. It’s also true that he’s been in pain and/or under the influence of narcotics. I know there are times he has no idea what day it is. The thing is, I miss those emails. That might be the next rule that gets reinstated.

I’ve also tried texting Lion a few times while I’m at work or in the store. No answer. Again, he may be sleeping, drugged, or not near his phone. Part of me understands that. Part of me feels a little neglected.

I really don’t mind taking care of Lion. He hasn’t made any huge demands on me. But I am looking forward to things getting back to normal, especially in the we’re-not-together-it-would-be-nice-to-hear-from-you sense. The first email usually says we love each other. The rest tend to deal with how the day is going or what’s for dinner, but the underlying message is I’m thinking about you. It’s nice to know someone is thinking about you.

I’m actually surprised how much I miss Lion’s emails. And I’m not blaming him for not writing. We’re together more often than not lately. I love that. Maybe that’s why I miss the communication so much when we’re apart.

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