Month: February 2014


It’s been over a month that I am living in my cage. Over that time, I have been wild for one full day and a couple of nights.  Most of the time when I am dressed, I am not consciously

Too Much Sex

Too much sex? Impossible! Well, maybe given my recent captivity that is my not-so-sad situation. Over the last decade, Mrs. Lion has learned to read my not very subtle signals. When I am horny, I tend to “scooch” over on

A Good Night’s Sleep

One of the most complained about aspects of forced chastity is the nocturnal discomfort that wakes us up several times a night. This is usually caused by an involuntary erection. The cage makes the attempt to get hard painful enough

Being Locked Up Doesn’t Mean Mrs. Lion Tells Me To Please Her

There aren’t many of us who just want our weenies locked up. All by itself forced chastity is surrender of sexual control; graphically giving our partners full charge of the sexual initiative. At least it appears that way on the