Month: February 2014


You Cum Too Often, Cage Hurts, What’s With The Diapers and more You Cum Too Much Hey caged lion, you aren’t really into chastity. Just look at your orgasm log, you cum more than I do and I’m not locked

Tease and Deny

Mrs. Lion has resolved to put more effort into supporting our male chastity lifestyle. I got notice of this in a text message the other day. I have been very happy with her acceptance of my request to incorporate forced

New Hardware

Almost a month ago I discussed being caged with Mrs. Lion. After rolling her eyes, she said, “Well, if you want to.” I had been studying various sites that sell lion cages. I had ordered a few for evaluation that

Getting Accostomed To Captivity

It’s been a bit over three weeks now that I have been caged full time. Those first three weeks were a challenge physically and emotionally. Going in, I had no real idea how often, when alone, I like to do