Month: March 2014

Rear Entry, Front Frustration

Last night there was a new twist to my forced chastity. Lioness let me take off my diaper, then she removed my cage and instructed me to take a shower and get all cleaned off. She also let me clean

Forced Male Chastity: Activity Or Lifestyle?

Forced male chastity is initiated by locking up the male’s penis in a cage that makes it impossible to achieve an erection and ejaculate. At least that is the goal of the hardware. So, one would imagine that the objective

A Note From An Imperfect Lion

The Male Chastity Journal was created by me to provide a real-life view of forced male chastity. I am very fortunate that Mrs. Lion contributes freely to this online conversation. We are sharing the struggle and the joys of introducing

Deadly Internet Labels

While the Internet and the Web have made it possible to find people who share your interests, it has also imposed a kind of crowd-sourced set of labels to people that force them in to social molds that make no