Month: April 2014

I would be the first to admit that I am the poster child for laziness. I blame it on medical issues and the fact that, quite frequently, any extraneous movements will lead to days of pain. But the truth is,

I think that such a small thing, my cage, can have such a profound effect on so many seemingly-unrelated things. Prior to asking for long term lockup, I read endless accounts of caged males instantly turning into body servants for

Lion’s post today is a sort of vindication for me. For years he’d ask if I was wet when I was done spanking him. I’d tell him I wasn’t and he’d say I must be. Well, yes, I was wet.

Until very recently I hadn’t given a great deal of thought to how a keyholder might perceive her role and how it affects her. I think that we caged males expect our keyholders to get aroused by the various aspects