Month: April 2014

The Urinal Challenge

I’m still working out the mechanics of wearing my JB (Jail Bird) and peeing. On the surface, that seems simple. The JB has a square opening on the front of the cage. One (me) would assume that since my penis

Lions Are Amusing Too (Sometimes)

One benefit that some keyholders get from having a caged male is amusement. I have to admit it is funny to see me jump a bit. especially in public, when lioness zaps me (low setting) with my collar. I was

You Have No Choice

The essence of forced male chastity is the removal of choice when it comes to sex. At the very least, the cage removes the opportunity to decide when and where sexual activity will occur. Some couples limit their power exchange

Male Control: Part 2 – The Invisible LeashCommunicating commands silently

Control is all about communication. The training collar is a silent form of communication that will provide the keyholder with a new level of control. Yesterday, we talked about the training collar that can be adapted to provide silent communication