Month: May 2014

Whose Reward Was It?

Lion and I both hit the door running to get ready for our trip. He had his list and I had mine. His list must have contained fewer time-consuming tasks because he was done fairly quickly. I was in the

How Should I Ask To Be Locked Up?

(Friday, May 30, 2014) There is no more important question in forced male chastity. The most common fantasy is that the keyholder demands that the male get locked into a chastity device (cage). The reality is that the vast majority

Cage Vs. Collar

A long time ago Lion wore a collar. It had tags on it that identified him as my pet and my phone number so if anyone saw him being naughty they could contact me. He mostly wore it at home so

Those Pesky Boners

Okay, boners are a strange topic in the Male Chastity journal. But it is something, that for me at least, keeps coming up. I couldn’t resist the pun. Erections appear for two main reasons: sexual arousal (my personal favorite), and