Month: May 2014

The Lottery

I tell Lion there’s no way I would ever win the lottery. Aside from the incredible odds against it, I used up all my luck when I found him. However, that doesn’t keep me from spending all that money in

Pre-dawn Thoughts

(Wednesday, May 28 2014) Lying in bed awake in the predawn hours, my mind was very active. I started thinking about my forced chastity. It didn’t help that I had an insistent erection being frustrated by my cage. The erection

It’s Work

I have a full time job. To earn extra money I took on a second job that I can work from home. Also at home is another job-housework. And Lion. From 8-4 my first job gets most of my attention.

What Is Sexual Control?

(Tuesday, May 27 2014) One of the reasons I wanted to be caged was my desire to feel Mrs. Lion’s sexual control. We have been learning exactly what this means. The obvious meaning is, of course, controlling if and when