Month: June 2014

A while back I mentioned that Lion ordered a Clone A Willy kit. We finally tried it. It was easy enough to do. The instructions are great. Our problem seemed to be keeping Lion hard enough. I think we didn’t

Saturday night Mrs. Lion unlocked me so that we could try our Clone-A-Willy kit. This kit says it will allow you to make a perfect silicone copy of your erection. I admit that I was intrigued by this idea. Mrs.

Lion has been working on his pathetic look. So far it doesn’t look much different from his hey-baby-wanna-get-busy look. It makes me laugh at him. But the other night he said something that almost made me let him have his

Some of our readers have pointed out that they enjoy the ongoing conversation between Mrs. Lion and I. I have liked that she reacts to my posts not only here, but in our lives as well. Suggestions and comments from