Month: June 2014

The Next Phase

At first I thought the next phase was amusement with Lion’s predicament. But then I realized it’s actually determination, on my part. While I still often feel inadequate in my role as top to my wonderful Lion, I have moments

My Latest Thinking On Discipline

(Friday, June 27 2014) Last night we went to the theater so there was no time for any sexual activity. We were both tired and I was still feeling well teased (translation: horny) from the night before. Yesterday, Mrs. Lion

The Tease

As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t have a wild youth. I never went out with anyone until I was in college. No one ever called me a tease — until now. Back then the title would have had a negative connotation.

Keyholder 101: Sex Without Orgasm

Last night Mrs. Lion teased me and spanked my cock and balls. It was difficult at times, but it left me with a feeling of contentment even though I am hornier than ever. There is a misconception about forced male