Month: July 2014

Lion was in desperate need of manscaping. With all our mini vacations, it had been weeks and he was far fuzzier than he likes to be. Last night I decided to rectify the situation. He was obviously happy to be

(Wednesday, July 30 2014) Last night Mrs. Lion continued my anal training. This time she used a very heavy chrome-plated butt plug. She said it was no wider (diameter) than the Njoy plug I have been wearing. We had some

All those years ago when Lion and I started playing, I said I thought doing the same things over and over could get boring. He took that to mean I would get bored with him. From time to time he

The temptation is always to write about the sexual side of chastity: the teasing, playing, and of course, orgasms. All this sexual conversation makes forced male chastity seem like a non-stop sexual journey. That’s simply not the case. I’m in