I Want It Because I Can’t Have It

My current all of ten minutes old theory is that the reason it drove me crazy when Lion was imprisoned for twelve days straight without an orgasm is because I couldn’t give him an orgasm. I wanted what I couldn’t have. When the wait time dropped to four days, I wasn’t as crazy. Probably for the same reason Lion wasn’t as horny. It was just four days.

Now that the time is flexible I wonder how it will affect us. We don’t have a date to shoot for. There’s no “oh my god, that so far away” feeling. Maybe knowing that I don’thaveto wait will make me more inclined to wait. I know when I have a present for Lion I cannot wait to give it to him. Birthday. Christmas. It doesn’t matter. Just knowing I have to wait makes me insane. One year he got his birthday present a few months early and then he got his Christmas present for his birthday and then I had to get him another Christmas present.

I’m interested to see how teasing him factors into all of this too. We haven’t been playing much in the past week. If I up the intensity will it up our need to have him orgasm? I am on a mission to find out! I’m betting Lion will be more than happy to participate in this experiment.

This is just one more learning experience for us. Who knew I would feel the effects of Lion’s waiting? It’s all new.

What do you think?