Month: July 2014

Where I Am Right Now

Lion and I just came through about a week or so of the doldrums. Neither of us cared too much about playing. He wasn’t interested in an orgasm, nor was I interested in giving him one. We’ve been out of

The Lioness Or The Cage

(Monday, July 28 2014) Yesterday ended my first wild day without a reason. Mrs. Lion gave me a full 24 hours of freedom. Last night Mrs. Lion teased me a bit and then began oral stimulation. After I was totally

Lion’s Choice

Lion was wild for 24 hours. It may be the first time he was wild for that long just because I felt like leaving him uncaged. There were no doctor visits. No sore areas that needed healing. No mutiny on

Wild For A While

(Sunday, July 27 2014) Last night, Mrs. Lion unlocked me and spent some time applying painful clothespins to my cock and balls. I was hard the instant I was freed from the cage. Clearly I’m back. I stayed hard through