Month: August 2014


Lion’s food poisoning took a lot out of him. He spent most of yesterday resting. He did say he felt horny though so we tried for his belated orgasm. It took a while to get him erect and then he

Top 10 Reasons You Know You’ve Accepted Male Chastity

You know you’ve accepted male chastity if: 10. A bulge in your jeans worries you. 9. Using a public rest room is an adventure. 8. When  your keyholder plays with your penis, you know it will all end with you

Stuff Happens

Lion wrote about his latest ruined orgasm and suggests that he be punished for ejaculating without permission. Number one, we never had an agreement about that. I can’t just retroactively decide to enforce a rule I make today for something

Growing Pains

Thursday’s ruined orgasm upset both of us. Mrs. Lion wrote about how it hurt her to disappoint me. It brought back feelings of inadequacy that were not far from the surface. I felt childish disappointment at losing my prize. I