Month: August 2014

Sometimes I Hate This Game

Every time I want to give Lion an orgasm I think I should just do it. You know, the long buildup and then the orgasm. But now it feels like there’s pressure to edge him first. Tease him and edge

Mrs. Lion In Control

Over the last six months Mrs. Lion has evolved from a reluctant keyholder who just wanted to do what I want to a lioness in control of my chastity. This evolution hasn’t been easy for her and I am very

Lion’s Big Treat

Now from the title you’d probably expect that I caved in and gave Lion his orgasm a day early. I did not. What I did do, however, was allow him to give me an orgasm. Quite a few in fact.

Another Ruined Orgasm

(Wednesday, August 27, 2014) Tuesday night was teasing night in the lions’ den. Mrs. Lion decided to tease me orally. This is very intense. She got me very excited, nearly to the edge a couple of times and then went