Month: August 2014 (Page 3)

Sometimes it’s as difficult for me to control myself as it is for Lion to hold back his orgasms. I should know by now that my mouth is no match for his cock. I didn’t really have specific plans for him last night. I just figured I’d edge him a few times and that would be that. But did I do that? Nope.

I don’t know what made me decide to tease him with my mouth. I told him right from the beginning that he was not allowed to have an orgasm. I knew he was over-the top excited. His erection didn’t fit all the way in my mouth. But I kept going anyway. So it was really no surprise that he couldn’t hold on. Whatever the point is between ruined orgasm and full orgasm, we hit it. No amount of squirming on his part kept him from oozing out a little. But the good news is, he’s horny again this morning so I didn’t go too, too far.

Afterwards he said he thought it was me who couldn’t wait to give him an orgasm. I told him I could wait and that maybe I’d make him wait another week. He agreed that I could. Then a few minutes later nervously asked if I would really make him wait another week. I just smiled at him. Would I do that to him? Probably not. I’d have to listen to him whining and grumbling for another week. Even though I’ve relieved some of his pressure over the past week in the form of ruined orgasms and whatever that was last night, he’s still tree-humping horny. And he’s been a very good boy. While I have been working late, he’s been helping out around the house. And since I was already set to leave him wild for our last trip of the summer, I don’t really want to change those plans. However, I suppose I could leave him wild and unsatisfied until Friday. That way he may not be distracted by the cage pinching him but he may be distracted by the fact that he’s still a very horny boy. Too many choices!

The truth is, I don’t need him to wait another week. From my point of view, the whole reason for the cage is to keep us focused on our sexual relationship. Well, to keep me focused. There’s no reason for monumental waits on his part. Punishment really does nothing for me, but I understand the allure for him so extending a wait time is probably somewhere in his future. It’s true that the threat wears thin unless you follow through. I guess I’ll list that as a goal for me.

Lion can rest assured that he will have his orgasm as scheduled on Thursday night and he will indeed be wild for our trip. Of course, he’ll still need to be on his best behavior. I do have paddles and the shock collar at my disposal even if he’s not caged.

I am now nine days into my eleven day wait. I’ve gone through my typical chastity phases: horny, grumpy, and now very horny. I’m a little surprised that even after all these months my response stays the same. I was thinking about the difference between now, being caged and committed to surrendering sexual control and before we started. Before we began our chastity adventure, we weren’t having much sexual contact. I would regularly go more than a week without masturbating. But somehow it was different.

A big part of the change is that Mrs. Lion gives me a lot of sexual attention. Granted, she doesn’t necessarily give me sexual satisfaction, but she makes sure that I am regularly stimulated to the edge of orgasm. That prevents me from suppressing my sexual interest as I did before. That stimulation assures I can’t forget for a single day how much I want release. It’s regular foreplay without the payoff. I’m pretty sure that is what causes the general need for sex (duh!) and the resulting frustration probably makes me grumpy. I’ve noticed that if I don’t get that sexual stimulation for more than two days, my arousal level falls off and I begin to get “comfortable” with the lack of sex. My guess is that younger males will not lose their edge so fast, if at all. Aging has reduced some hormone levels; a good thing when caged. This could explain why the largest number of caged males are over fifty.

There are other, more significant differences. Mrs. Lion is learning to be more assertive and less worried about “hurting” me. If you read some of her early posts, you can see her concern that I not be too frustrated, or that she not give me much pain. Now, she is far more confident. She is amused by my frustration and gets real pleasure out of edging me and giving me ruined orgasms. That’s a big change. Last night I grumbled about being very horny. Her response was, “Do you want to wait a few more days?”

That’s a big change! I shut up. I did wonder if she would really do it, but I truly didn’t want to take the risk. I really want to come! I have no idea how I would react if she extended my wait. Given her current state of mind, I better not pout or it could get much worse. In the past I didn’t think a threat like that would have much effect on me. But after nine days it definitely got my full attention. Should she actually do it? I will regret writing this, but I think she should. The reason is an old adage in the discipline game: a punishment undemonstrated is not an effective deterrent.

I think the biggest difference now is that she made the threat at a time when I am counting the hours until I can finally come. If she did it a week ago, it wouldn’t have felt very serious at all to me. Now, if she does find a reason to make me wait longer, I will remember how much I hated it and if she makes the threat again, even on the first day of a wait, I will know how it felt at the end when I could have been able to come. I realize that if she does do this now, she will have to keep me caged on our trip; not so much to prevent cheating as to reinforce my helplessness and her power.

There are some males in long-term chastity who at some point stop wearing their devices. They still follow all the rules and wait the times they agreed to. But there is a big difference. They are doing it because they want to. Ok, I want this too. But I also want it when for a while, at least, I don’t want it. The cage prevents me from changing any of the rules. No matter how much I want to come, as long as I am locked in, I can’t. That’s what I love about the experience. Mrs. Lion truly has full control.

And that brings me to the biggest difference of all: Mrs. Lion now embraces that control. In the past, she gave me the experience she thought I wanted. She made me wait long enough to get frustrated, but not too long. She gave me a few swats for breaking a rule, and she teased me because I like it. I’m not saying that’s all changed. It hasn’t. But things are a little different now. She teases me because she likes to see me squirm as I get near orgasm and she likes my reaction when she stops just short of it. She appears more comfortable saying no to me and letting me know she is in charge.

I know she isn’t becoming a different person. I wouldn’t want her to change. But she is learning to take some pleasure from giving me what I want. She is using the power dynamic the way I had hoped she would. Best of all, she deals with my objections and growls with amusement, indifference, and the threat of more wait time if I get out of line. Most significantly, I think she understands the concept of “something I love to hate”. That’s really tough because at the time she does those things I really hate them. I want her to stop or not make me do something I don’t like with all my heart.

But now she knows that her lion is a little more complex than that. She’s learned that by doing those things I hate, she is giving me a wonderful gift. She is allowing me to experience the control I want so badly, and by doing this, she is really turning me on. Every shock, spanking, ruined orgasm, or extra day of waiting feeds a deep need that brings me both heat and satisfaction. Thank you, Mrs Lion.

Per our agreement, I am supposed to play with Lion at least every other day. Sunday night I gave him a few ruined orgasms, by his count. So it seemed reasonable to let him stew in his own juices on Monday night. It probably was reasonable. But a horny Lion is not a reasonable being. I’m not sure how many times he told me he was horny or scooched closer on the bed. I played with his balls for a little while and licked him through the cage. When I asked him if it felt good he said it would be much better without the cage. I reminded him that it was his idea to be caged. He said he should have used one of his coupons. I told him I could always make him wait another day. He didn’t appreciate that very much.

This morning, on the way to work, I started wondering if he is hornier now than before his caging. I know back then he could take care of himself if he needed to, but how often was he horny? Did he relieve himself every three days? Did he ever make himself wait? “We’ll just wait another day and see if she gets the hint.” They say men think about sex every seven seconds. Some days I think that’s true of Lion. At least some nights I think it is.

Is he hornier now because he knows he can’t do anything about it on his own? He wants it because he can’t have it. He’s still got X number of days left so it’s on his mind more. Like a kid at Christmastime. All those presents under the tree and he can’t open them till Christmas morning and he just needs to know what’s in that red one right over there, right this minute!

Maybe he’s hornier because I’m giving him what he wants and it turns him on. The act of locking him up has heightened things. I’m in charge and he knows it. He’s reminded of it every time he feels the cage.

Or is he not really any hornier than usual but I just notice it more because he can’t take care of it himself? He needs me to give him a helping hand, or mouth, etc. He has to tell me because I’m the only one who can do anything about it. Even if I won’t do anything about it. Even if what I do only makes him hornier.

Lion — I am much hornier than before. Yes, I used to wait an extra day to see if Mrs. Lion would do something for me, but it was nothing like this.  Normally, I would masturbate every three days or so. Mrs. Lion really has my number now!]

Sunday night Mrs. Lion did routine manscaping (removing all pubic and butt hair) and decided to have some fun as well. She hinted that she might be doing more than maintenance in her post Sunday afternoon. Well, she certainly kept her word!

Mrs. Lion has been perfecting her edging technique by pushing me closer and closer to orgasm. Last night we may have barely crossed the line. After a couple of very frustratingly close tries, she pushed a bit further. At first I thought she has gone as far as she could go with tease and deny, but I now think it was a ruined orgasm. My past experience with ruined orgasm generally results in substantial semen production and loss of erection and interest.

This time it was different. I did produce a few drops that Mrs. Lion believed was pre-cum. However, it was much thicker and I am pretty sure it was semen. I remained hard but when Mrs. Lion started stimulating me again, I didn’t immediately feel excitement build as I usually do. After a bit, she asked if I was broken. She was referring to what happens to many males if they are edged over and over for a long time; they lose the ability to orgasm for a while. I said that I didn’t think so, but something was happening.

So, she continued stimulating me. After a while I felt the excitement build again. Once more, Mrs. Lion waited until she thought I was about to come. It was massively frustrating when she stopped. However, again semen appeared and my interest in doing it again vanished. I still had an erection and probably could have repeated the performance as before, but Mrs. Lion stopped her stimulation. Over the next few minutes more semen dripped out.

The appearance of semen — and I’m sure it is semen since she fed some to me — makes what happened a ruined orgasm. Unlike previous ruined orgasm experiences, this time she hit just the right point that provided maximum frustration and allowed her to repeat the activity again. I think that ruined orgasms are self-limiting. Unlike edging, which can go on for hours, I am very sure that under perfect conditions I can’t have more than a small number of ruined orgasms. Last night proved I can get two. I would doubt I could top three.

There is a big difference between the bigger, lion-can-only-have-one, ruined orgasms and what happened last night. The earlier ruined orgasms were much more like full orgasms to me. I didn’t get the complete satisfaction, but enough happened to allow a full ejaculation. I lost my erection and for a while, wasn’t horny. It was effective. The actual experience had me crash before I could feel satisfaction, and my desire for sex was much stronger a few hours later.

However, Monday’s experience was devastating. My arousal grew to a level that made me sure I couldn’t control coming. When Mrs. Lion stopped stimulating me, it was even more frustrating than the bigger ruined orgasm. For a few moments after I calmed down and Mrs. Lion resumed stimulation, I wanted her to stop. Of course she didn’t. After a bit, I couldn’t help myself from repeating the extreme arousal and when she stopped I crashed again and semen appeared. This time she didn’t repeat her stimulation. I was glad she didn’t.

Well, now in the cold light of day, I’m not so sure she should have stopped. Maybe it would be better to keep repeating until I lost my erection and she couldn’t bring it back. I would like to experience that. It could turn out to be something else I love to hate. All night and even now at my desk, I get a chubby thinking about that night. How can something so frustrating get me aroused now? I am a strange critter, indeed. Thank you, Mrs. Lion for teaching me something new. She is a great keyholder!