Month: September 2014

The Problem

I haven’t looked through all the posts, there are over 300, but I don’t think I was the first one to mention Lion’s inability to maintain an erection. I posted something about his inability to initiate and it went from

Privacy And Intimacy

It seems that Mrs. Lion and I often post about the same thing. We don’t read each other’s posts before we write our own. She generally writes hers on the day it appears. Since mine is published very early in

What A Nice Surprise

Thursday night Mrs.Lion unlocked me for some teasing. I was absolutely ready to go. She did something different. She stroked me very slowly with long up and down movements. Her hand was in a different position too. It wasn’t very

One of These Days

Some nights I tell myself that I will just play with Lion. I will not edge him. I’ll get him hard, but never quite take him that far. One of these days I might actually do it. But not last