Month: October 2014

Fantasy Vs. Reality

Last night, Mrs. Lion resumed her teasing schedule. I was much more horny than I had thought. She deftly edged me several times. When she stopped, I was crazy to come. Normally, I am sorry that I didn’t get an

Lion’s Return

My pet is back to his horny self again. We played a bit last night. I massaged his balls as they did their disappearing act. The poor things are always front and center. They deserve the chance to hide when

Should Life Intrude?

All of us lead regular lives with jobs, family, kids, etc. Enforced chastity generally takes a back seat to everything else. It makes sense. Mrs. Lion and I have to pay the bills, feed the critters, and deal with our

It’s All in Your Mind

Yesterday was a stressful day. I don’t think either of us was in the mood for play last night. We just held hands and snuggled. Maybe tonight will be more exciting. Lion has made the point before that the chastity