Month: October 2014

Chastity Health Tip

We males frequently forget that our penises are mostly for urination, not sex. If you consider the number of hours a day you are not hard or having sex, you will immediately see that while sex may be the most

The Calendar

Last night I was thinking about Lion’s scheduled date for his next orgasm. It occurred to me that since I pick the date out of thin air for the most part, there’s no reason I couldn’t assign them far ahead

Padlocks, Security Screws And Sneaking Out

First of all, things are back to normal in the lions’ den. My libido is returning. Sunday’s play session and amazing oral orgasm seem to have done the trick. Mrs. Lion certainly knows how to push and pull my buttons

Long Time No Play

As I said yesterday, I wasn’t sure if I was going to give Lion an orgasm or not. In my mind I had selected November 2 as his next date, but it seemed mean to make him wait another seven