Month: November 2014

Poor Horny Lion

Last night Lion told me he was horny. All I said was, “Really?” Then he pouted that I laughed at him for being horny. I said the calendar still showed December 5th. There’s nothing I could do. He said I

Who’s The Boss

Even though I came on the 26th, I am as horny as I was on the 25th. This is in no small part due to Mrs. Lion’s tease and deny Friday night. As she wrote in her post Friday, Mrs.

Not Guilty

Lion is a horny beast. I am not so much. He feels guilty that he gets all the sex. I feel guilty that I don’t give him enough. It’s true that my sex drive has been stuck in neutral for


A great deal of what you read about enforced chastity talks about the transition into this new sexual state. Most of the attention is focused on devices, security, comfort, need to ejaculate, etc. It’s like much of the stuff you