I’ve Changed

There are days I wonder about the cage that hangs between my legs. After all this time you would think that I would have made my peace with being caged. I know, I know, it was my idea after all. Im sure you are tired of me talking about it as well. I think the reason that I sometimes wonder about it is that I know that with or without the chastity device, I would not cheat on Mrs. Lion. So, whats the point of wearing it?

There is a very good reason, at least in my case. Very simply, that little cage guarantees that I will not cheat. It doesnt matter whether I wouldnt or not. I cant. At least I cant without Mrs. Lion finding out. I know that it is possible to pull out of a device, though I have never tried it. But, as far as I know, getting back in without unlocking is not likely. So, the cage is a constant reminder that it simply isnt up to me. I can be as horny as can be and want to come more than I want to breathe. But I cant unless Mrs. Lion gives me that orgasm. I think about that. Then I think about how much I like Mrs. Lion controlling me, and I smile.

When she decides I need a spanking, I roll over on my stomach. Im already naked. One of my rules is to be naked all the time at home. I can wear a t-shirt if I am cold, but my buns and genitals are always exposed. Lately, Mrs. Lion has been very strict with her spankings. I know it will really sting. I find it nearly impossible to hold still. She has said that at some point, if I move, she will begin again. So far, she hasnt objected to my squirming. I think I would like to have to learn to hold still no matter how much it hurts.

Squirming is something she says she likes. I know that I can squirm when she is spanking me. When she is teasing me, I find myself bucking, hoping to provide that little bit of extra stimulation that will get me over the top. For the record, it never works. But I cant help myself. I have to try.

She also said she likes the sounds I make when she teases me. Before being locked up, I was a very quiet lover; not silent, but not very expressive. I havent tried to make sounds, but now I am pretty noisy. I dont know why, but I provide a lot of audible feedback.

These changes are all part of my lockup. When I notice them, or Mrs. Lion points it out, I realize that I am being conditioned to involuntarily behave differently. I wonder if this would extend to painful stimulus like a spanking. Can I learn to hold still without even thinking about it? Maybe I will find out.

Male half of a happy couple practicing enforced male chastity and FLR with discipline. Locked since 1/2014. FLR 3/2015. Lion's first mouth soaping was 7/17.

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