Month: November 2014

Long Weekend

Lion is able to work from home today. His office is near a mall so making his way past the Black Friday shoppers would have been impossible. I am lucky enough to have four days off.  It’s nice to have

The Day After

I cooked the Thanksgiving dinner. I generally do feasts. As Mrs. Lion wrote in her post yesterday, she invited a coworker to dinner. I think that’s great. We had plenty of food and it was fun to sit down to


Lion and I worked our buns off to get the house and dinner ready tonight. Yesterday I invited one of my coworkers to share our Thanksgiving dinner since her plans had fallen through. The house was not ready for a


Today is Thanksgiving. I have a lot to be thankful for. Most recently, I had a very good orgasm last night. Mrs. Lion started out with nasty velcro on my penis. She followed that with clothespins on my nipples. This