Month: December 2014

I don’t know if Lion has a favorite day of the week, but it should be Sunday. He gets lucky a lot on Sundays. I bet when I unlocked him to do his manscaping he had no idea how much fun

Even inmates in a super max prison get an hour of exercise a day. I get less than a half hour every other day. If you do the math, 99% of the time I am locked in my male chastity

I’ve been “threatening” Lion with the nail polish for about a week. He ranges from getting nervous about it to getting excited about it. He needs manscaping too. So today will be a sort of a spa day for him.

Yesterday, Mrs. Lion wrote about our different points of view (post). We really don’t have a very different view of things. I suggested that while Mrs. Lion had her sexual training wheels and is getting her libido back, it would