Month: January 2015

The Coupon Monster

I have created a monster. A coupon monster. Last night Lion came bounding toward me waving a love coupon. It was for a weekend breakfast of his choice made by me. Now, suddenly, he has decided it’s okay to use


Mrs. Lion and I are growing up; at least in terms of enforced chastity. Thursday night was a very good example of this.  After she finished her tease and deny, she confided in me that she was very tempted several

Silly Romantics

Yesterday I mentioned that my orgasms seemed more like sex and less like making love, which is really what I want. I made the comment that at least I should get flowers. Then I said I wasn’t asking for flowers.

Our Romantic Evening

Last night was Mrs. Lion’s scheduled orgasm. In her post yesterday, she made it clear that she needed more than just simple stimulation. I guess we are different that way. So, I pulled out all the stops: I brought home