Month: January 2015

Sex as Stress Relief

Last night Lion asked me to look at a blog that he follows. I always try to read things he recommends to me if I have the time. Unfortunately last night, while I had the time, I didn’t have the

Wild, Free-Range Lion Again

In my ongoing effort to get a great fit for my Jail Bird chastity device, I ordered a base ring 1/8″ smaller in diameter. It arrived last week and I began wearing it. By the weekend it was clear this

Orgasm Dates

Lion first asked me how I was feeling last night and then proudly presented his coupon for an orgasm of his choice. When I asked what his choice was he said he would leave that up to me. He didn’t

I Cashed In An Orgasm Coupon

Last night I presented Mrs. Lion with one of her “orgasm” coupons. I did it partly because she had mentioned that she gave them to me to use them and mostly because I was really horny. The coupon said I