Month: February 2015

Ruined Orgasm Experiment

I mentioned a while ago that I may give Lion ruined orgasms every time I play with him just to see how it goes. I decided that this wait was it. He had a ruined orgasm a few nights ago

Who Is In Charge?

Power exchange is a tricky thing. Since it is consensual, it requires both people to agree on how it will take place. Enforced chastity and domestic discipline appear to transfer enormous control to the dominant partner. The fantasies abound with

A Lioness Always Forgets

Last night I forgot it was punishment night. I remembered it was garbage night. I remembered to do all the things I had to do at work before I left for the week. I remembered we needed bread. But I

Place Your Bets

Enforced male chastity has been justifiably called a game. I’ve gone back and forth about that concept. After all, it’s no different from poker or other gambling games. There is an opportunity to win and losing hurts. The stakes, of