Month: February 2015

All Four Paws

Lion tends to jump into things with all four paws. It’s how he runs tasks at work and how he runs tasks at home. I don’t know why it surprises me when he does it, but it always does. When

Training The Trainer

Mrs. Lion posed the question: who’s training who? in her post yesterday. It’s a valid question. As she so aptly pointed out, I’m asking her to do things she never considered before I asked. I asked her lock me up

Who’s Training Who?

Today I’ve been wondering who is training who. Yes, I locked Lion up. Yes, I agreed to make him wait for orgasms. Yes, I agreed to make rules and punish him if he breaks them. But who is really changing

Growing Into Our New Roles

Mrs. Lion has written that sometimes she is my “wife” and takes care of me. In order to do that she has to step out of her role as domestic disciplinarian. Apparently she had the idea that if we are