Month: March 2015

Don’t Forget To Write

As Mrs. Lion mentioned, yesterday we got new floggers. I took a chance ordering them online directly from China. It turns out they are quite nice. Mrs. Lion enjoyed trying them out. They felt good to me, though the little

New Toys

I’d forgotten that Lion ordered some new floggers from China. I mentioned I was searching for smaller floggers that I could control more easily. My pet took up the task and yesterday they arrived. They are not very mean, but

We Never Thought This Would Last

Yesterday, I presented some of the statistics about our relationship. Mrs. Lion reviewed my post before I scheduled it for release. After she gave her approval, I asked her if she thought I would be wearing a chastity device after

Added to the List

After about a week of no punishments on his list, this morning Lion added two. He forgot the napkins on the breakfast tray. And when I went to clean up from breakfast I found water all over the counter. He