Month: April 2015


Lion was not very horny last night. Too bad. We agreed to play every night. I’d decided I was only going to edge him once since he just had an orgasm. Then I was going to lock him back up


People new to enforced chastity frequently obsess over “security”. The idea is that the chastity device is supposed to act as an impenetrable barrier to erection and unauthorized masturbation or orgasm.  The fantasies always portray the caged male as a

Quivering Mess of Horny Lion

This morning, as I was unloading the dishwasher, I had a flashback to this past weekend. Lion fell on the deck and hurt his back. Not knowing how bad it was, and fearing it would get worse with time, I

How The Lions Learn

First the news. Last night Mrs. Lion finally gave me an orgasm after 11 long days waiting. She teased me for a long time. I showed a great deal of interest in more. She has great hands. She told me