Month: May 2015

Lion and I have been discussing a game for his earning orgasms. There will be ways for him to earn and lose points and a target for him to hit. When he reaches the target I still have the final

I don’t think there are many human endeavors that come without cost. Enforced chastity is something that helps satisfy some deeply held male needs. It’s a real power exchange with the surrendered power the most fundamental force in a male’s

Last night was maintenance spanking night. Lion reminded me after he read my post yesterday. That’s the risk in mentioning it in my post. Not that he wouldn’t have remembered on his own, and maybe he did, but my post

Yesterday, in her post, Mrs. Lion said she would consider a point system that would work to allow me to earn orgasms. This is a very interesting idea to me. It seems simple enough: Mrs. Lion would award or subtract