Month: June 2015

Wish Me Luck

Yesterday I had a mini-meltdown. All the payments coming due, the little money left in the accounts, the little money coming in each month, finally got to me. Lion’s staunch defense of paying the rent on time even though that

Only One Way To Find Out

Our progress with enforced male chastity and FLM moves in fits and starts. Sometimes it feels to me that we are moving backwards. Of course we really aren’t. This experience is like a visit to a bakery factory outlet store:

Whomping and Chomping

Lion pointed out that I had forgotten my planned sling fun this weekend. He reminded me a little late to do anything about it. I suppose I could have said, “Hell yes!” and thrown his butt in there anyway, but


Sunday was quiet. We stayed home and lounged around. I spent some time on Twitter chatting with friends. Mrs. Lion played her iPad games. I did get stir crazy in the middle of the afternoon and I decided to use