Month: June 2015

Mrs. Lion: Manager

It’s no surprise that I’d rather watch movies at home. No crowds. Pause for pee breaks. I can ignore the movie and do something else while Lion watches. So giving Lion a reward of seeing a movie I know he

The Velvet Glove

The classic enforced chastity / FLM fantasy portrays the keyholder / disciplining wife as a strict dominant who makes her will known using withering looks and stern tones. Punishment is swift and strong. Orders are given and opinions are never

I Lied

Well I didn’t really lie. I had every intention of just edging Lion last night. His scheduled date wasn’t until next weekend sometime. I was all set to edge him nightly until then. After I edged him three times, I

Post Graduate Play

We are back on the “Give the lion less orgasms” regime. I don’t get a vote, but if I did I would vote for the more frequent ejaculations; at least for a while. As I wrote yesterday, sex for me