Month: July 2015


On the way to our destination last weekend, the truck reminded us it was time for an oil change. By the ride home it was demanding it. So today we are sitting, waiting for the oil change. And suddenly, Lion

On Being Submissive

Since I have been locked in enforced chastity, I’ve been ambivalent about my role. I’ve been thinking about why I wanted enforced chastity and later FLM*. My history is just the opposite. Most of my adult life I was a

Poker Face

In the poker game of life, we’ve been getting dealt some pretty crappy hands lately. I’m tired of it. Our luck has to change soon. It just has to. Of course, we haven’t hit bottom yet, but we can sure

It Isn’t Easy Being A Keyholder

Tuesday night Mrs. Lion gave me a great orgasm. I only had a two day wait, but was massively horny. I have no idea why my hormones were so active but I am very grateful for the relief. My sweet