Lion Days of Summer

Today is our last day away. Tomorrow we begin our five hour journey home. Im sorry we have to go back. Despite our rocky start on Thursday, our mini vacations are a welcome distraction from our finances.

Yesterday was fairly quiet. I hadnt slept well the night before so I took a few catnaps throughout the day. We went on a little adventure and found a different campground for future reference. We took the dog for a swim and had dinner outside. Even though were camping, we dont spend a lot of time outside. Generally its too hot to spend much time out of our air conditioned luxury.

I continued to make decisions yesterday. I know they seem like tiny decisions, but since Im not used to making decisions I need to get used to making them. What to eat, when to eat, when to go to bed. I really dislike making all the decisions but if I let even one go by Im afraid Ill stop making any. I cant return to my inertia state.

We didnt play last night. I was tired. We snuggled while watching TV. Its always nice to be close to Lion. While snuggling I asked him about his buns. He said they didnt hurt for very long after I swatted him the night before. I didnt think they would, but I had hoped he would have some lasting effect of my chomping. Nope. I thought I bit him very hard. I guess Ill have to improve my technique. Lion hide really is tough.

Tonight well play. I have no real plans for him. Im fairly certain hell be edged, but beyond that I dont know. Being on vacation doesnt lend itself to having definite plans. At least I dont think so. Lion, of course, likes to have plans. Just one more way were opposite.


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  1. johngordon says:

    Keep. It coming! I love it all.

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