Month: August 2015

No Time Like the Present

We had a nice weekend. We got a lot of chores done and, of course, Lion got his orgasm. It was a rainy weekend so we couldn’t do any outdoorsy stuff. Originally we planned to be away, but Lion had

Kinks That Help Relationships

Saturday night was orgasm night. Mrs. Lion gave me a play spanking that included her hand, a strap, and a suede flogger. When she was done, she commented wryly, “Not as red as when I punish you.” I replied, “I

Lion Fun

Lion got lots of attention yesterday. Before he went in for a shower, I unlocked him and did the manscaping. He was very furry. Naturally, Mr. Weenie sprang to attention and needed some strokes and a few sucks. And naturally,

I’m Not Sorry It’s What I Wished For

In her post yesterday, Mrs. Lion speculated that there must be times I am sorry for what I wished for. She imagines that when I am being teased and extremely close to orgasm that I regret not being able to