Why Mess With Success?

I’m glad Lion isn’t in charge of deciding when he gets orgasms. He’s worse than I am at it. The last I heard, a three day wait was optimum. Now it’s four. He doesn’t want to wait a long time. He should wait two weeks, minimum. He wants to come right now. He should be made to wait. And they say women change their minds a lot.

It doesn’t really matter what he wants anyway. His orgasms are scheduled through the end of the year. Not that they’re set in stone. I still reserve the right to add, subtract, and change dates as I see fit. And if I want to give him a bonus orgasm he’ll get one. If I assign him a long wait and I want to take pity on the poor Lion before then, it’s my decision. Maybe he looks particularly pathetic. Maybe I want to watch him come or taste him. Maybe I want to suck on him and let myself get carried away no matter what the calendar says.

The bottom line is, I am not a fan of a long wait either. There’s no benefit to me to make him wait longer. It might be fun watching him squirm around trying to get me to go just a little too far, but there’s really no reason I shouldn’t give him an orgasm every few days. When I looked at the scheduled dates, there are waits as long as eighteen days and as short as three days. I vary it so he doesn’t have a string of long waits together. I don’t mind him having a three day, seven day, twelve day, and five day wait all in a row. But I will never give him a ten day, fourteen day, and eleven day in a row. Why push it? If I randomly toss in a longer wait, it’s more achievable than a bunch of longer waits in a row. I’m not saying he can’t do a bunch of longer waits. He is certainly capable of waiting. But what’s the point? Neither of us likes the marathon waits. Even if he told me he wants to wait a minimum of two weeks, I wouldn’t do it. It’s hard work to get him excited, but not too excited every night for two weeks. I’m not convinced taking a night off wouldn’t hurt the progress. It just seems to make it more difficult to get him excited the following night.

Nope. We’re sticking with the schedule I have already. And when I continue it into the new year I’ll use the same method. Varying lengths of short waits interspersed with longer waits. It’s been working so far. Why mess with success?

2 comments on “Why Mess With Success?
  1. Jean says:

    Thank you so much for your blog! It is really good. We would like to know….your blog is a lot about what mrs Lion does for mr, how about a small piece on what mr does to satisfy mrs Lion?

  2. Miss Kitty says:

    I am planning on setting up an orgasm schedule the first of September. I am making him have an extended wait this time because I will be uncaging him and letting him have as many as he can for his birthday weekend. Then Lil Rover will be locked back up.

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