Month: August 2015


The past few days have been challenging. I haven’t been feeling well and both of us have been tired. When I’m tired, I tend to take things to the extreme. Lion wrote a post about not being sure if FLM

Lion Grooming And Vulnerability

If the recruiter is to be believed, I only have one more day to wait to get the news on the job I have the most hope of getting. I hate to say it, but there is no plan B.

Down Time

I thought I slept okay last night. I guess not since I’m already falling asleep at work. Eventually I’ll get a second wind. Of course, it would be much better to actually get sleep at night. Being tired makes me

Real, Not Play

This is one of those times when it becomes very obvious when what we are doing (enforced chastity and FLM) is sexual play or a real part of our lives. Things are as bad as they have ever been for