Month: September 2015

The Angel and the Devil

I have a very horny Lion. It was difficult for me not to give him an orgasm last night. He wanted to come. I wanted him to come. It should have been a no-brainer, right? In a “normal” relationship it

Put My Money Where My FLM Is

Mrs. Lion’s post yesterday really got me thinking. She proposed taking over our finances and putting me on an allowance. She also noted that she could punish me by temporarily reducing my allowance. When we exchanged email a bit later,

Just an Idea

We found Lion’s phone in a fairly obvious place after looking in obvious and absolutely non-obvious places. Finding it meant Lion did not have any punishment for last night. It did seem like he wanted me to punish him, though.

Defining Terms And Refining Domestic Discipline

Sometimes I get confused with the distinctions between enforced chastity, domestic discipline, and FLM. All three refer to a power exchange. Enforced chastity points to sexual submission. In the strictest sense, it only covers control of male arousal and orgasm.