Getting Back to Normal

Lion is happy again. Hes thinking about the future. Unfortunately, hes forgetting about the present. Having cell phone reception is such a novelty where we are, we were both checking email and surfing the web while we waited for our pizza at lunch yesterday. I gave each of us a slice and we continued on with our online activities. When I looked up again, Lion was busily chewing and reading. I asked if there was a problem. He looked at my uneaten pizza and knew he was in trouble. He then sheepishly reminded me it was punishment night. It certainly was.

I have been taking it easy on the poor boy. Not for the whole six months he was unemployed. We kept things as normal as possible for the first four months or so. As the time wore on and Lion got more and more down about being out of a job, it didnt seem right to have business as usual. He didnt feel like playing and punishing him, while probably just what he needed, did not seem fair. Now all bets are off.

When I came out of the bedroom last night I was holding the hairbrush paddle. I made Lion stand up with his hands on the counter and I gave his buns a whole bunch of nasty whacks. He was sure I was done about halfway through. Nope. He needed a few more whacks. He said all he did was take a bite of pizza before me. Was he saying the punishment didnt fit the crime? Who decides that? I think its me. So he got those extra whacks, grumbled a bit and then sat down.

He may not have liked the punishment, but he knew the fun was coming. As soon as I touched him he was hard. I dont think I edged him so much as got him all riled up. I was afraid to give him a ruined orgasm. Its just as much fun to get him somewhat close and stop anyway, especially on a night he knows hell get his orgasm. Its one thing to know its coming and quite another to know exactly when.

I teased him for a bit with my hand and then couldnt resist using my mouth. I can get his motor running better with my mouth. I tortured the poor boy. I knew he was ready, but I kept asking him. Its so much fun to hear him tell me hes ready when all he can do is whisper. Finally I let him come.

Lion is once again a satisfied boy. Normally he wouldnt be horny again for a few days, but he is sometimes horny as soon as the next day. I have a feeling hell tell me hes horny on the way home today. Its a sign that things are returning to normal.

What do you think?