Month: September 2015

Dinner Plans

Lion had an excellent idea yesterday. I suggested the idea a while ago, but he actually implemented it. Yesterday, while already smoking some ribs, he made a big pot of stew. Now, with some leftover ribs, we have four days

Positive And Negative Reinforcement

I accepted Mrs. Lion’s assigned wait time of 13 days with equanimity. Of course, today is only the second day after my orgasm. It’s easy to accept a wait now that I am not desperately horny. I knew the party

13 Days

The training wheels are off. We have one week of Lion’s new job under our belts. It’s true that we haven’t ironed out all the details of when he’ll get home and who is doing dinner, but going forward we

The Only Way I’m Like Will Shortz

Last night we went to the movies. This is a very rare treat for us, especially since I lost my job. Mrs. Lion doesn’t like going out very much, but when we we both really like what we learn about