Month: October 2015

Just kidding. It wasn’t his fault. We both had a hand in it, even though his hands were bound. I went a little too far and he wasn’t able to stop it so he had a ruined orgasm. I can’t

One of the least discussed aspects of enforced chastity is enjoyment, particularly for the keyholder. I know that the enforced chastity mythology claims that the keyholder gets endless pleasure from the service of her caged male. On the surface, that

Lion is a frustrated boy. Last night I was relentless when teasing him. Afterwards, he said he was positive a few times I was going to give him an orgasm. I got within a stroke of going too far. Normally

The clouds have returned after a brief, sunny respite. After a three day hiatus, play is back to normal as well. I’m still pretty tired from the issue with my eye. Things are improving, or at least not getting worse.