Pavlov’s Lion

So many guys search for the holy grail of the inescapable chastity device. This mystical appliance absolutely prevents access and at the same time is so comfortable that the wearer forgets itís there. Physics and anatomy conspire to make that goal unattainable. But is it really impossible to find? Itís not! You may have it right now.

I know, that sounds strange. OK, Iíll give you a hint: most males who have been practicing enforced chastity for any length of time donít search for the inescapable device. Is it that they have given up in frustration? No, thatís not why. Itís because they donít need it any more.

Have you heard of the Stockholm syndrome? This describes the peculiar behavior of hostages who have been in captivity for an extended time. They become allies of their captor. This behavior has been observed time and time again with kidnap victims. What does this have to do with enforced chastity?

Consider this: I was locked into a device early in 2014. Itís been on 24/7, only being removed the first year or so for teasing or orgasms. After that, it came off for a few days each time we took a trip; about 40 unlocked days in total. My penis has been physically unavailable to me over 95% of the time. After almost two years, my normal condition is no access to it. When I have been unlocked, wild as Mrs. Lion calls it, I generally forget that Iím not wearing the device. Some of the time I still sit to pee. Iíve been conditioned to believe I canít touch my penis.

Youíd think that when wild, I would sneak a bit of rubbing, if not ejaculating, just for old timeís sake, but I donít. It doesnít even occur to me. I donít want to touch. Thatís Mrs. Lionís job. Stockholm syndrome. I obviously still want to get hard and feel that orgasmic explosion, but I canít do that for myself. Iíve been conditioned to believe I canít. Weirder still, I know thatís what is happening but I am still powerless to stop it. Iíve done some experimental touching now and then when wild, but I donít even get hard. This conditioning has happened without any conscious plan on Mrs. Lionís part. Itís the effect of time and connsistent lockup in the cage. Thatís why the inescapable device is a concept that is irrelevant. The inescapable device is in my head and I am powerless to escape.

If Mrs. Lion decides to enhance this effect there are a few things she can change that could produce an enhanced effect. One of the things she does now: She unlocks me immediately before sexually stimulating me. Consistently providing sexual stimulation as soon as I am uncaged conditions me to expect to be erect and aroused if I am released. The closer the stimulation comes to release, the stronger association. In my case, biology makes this conditioning more subtle. It takes direct stimulation to get me hard at my age. That doesnít change the fact that my anticipation is very strong as soon as I see her holding the key (actually security screwdriver). Pavlov in action.

By the same token, locking me back up as soon as she is done with me would enhance to association with release and sex. Currently, she lets me remain wild for up to an hour after she is done stimulating me. More closely aligning lockup with end of stimulation may increase my association of release and sexual stimulation. Again, remembering Pavlov, when I see Mrs. Lion holding the key, even if she isnít going to unlock me then and there, I can feel the excitement rising. I associate the key with sexual stimulation. If we were out to dinner or shopping and she showed me the key, I know I would feel excited. This would be reinforced if as soon as we got home, she unlocked me and stimulated me.

I know she hasnít been consciously conditioning me. It doesnít matter. But if she did decide to reinforce the conditioning, it could be very powerful. For example, if the power of the key is to be reinforced, all she has to do when we get to be alone is to unlock me and get me solidly hard. She can then cage me again. A full-blown play session isnít needed for conditioning purposes. Some keyholders may feel a little uncomfortable with the idea of conditioning their caged males. Enforced chastity, by its very nature is a conditioning process that we want. Adding some more obvious signals, like associating the key with release even when out in public makes it more fun. At least it would for me. Food for thought Mrs. Lion?

Male half of a happy couple practicing enforced male chastity and FLR with discipline. Locked since 1/2014. FLR 3/2015. Lion's first mouth soaping was 7/17.

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