Month: October 2015

Weekend Plans

Lion is on the mend. This morning he didn’t need a chauffeur to take him to his eye appointment. I was happily at work in one office while he was being seen in our other office. And tomorrow he has

Maybe As Bad As A Stick In The Eye

I don’t want to waste your time with the state of my health, but since it affects our enforced chastity, I figured I should. I woke up on Tuesday with a sore eye. It felt like I might have scratched

Thwarted Again

Last night my plans for Lion were thwarted again. Yesterday, Lion told me his eye hurt. He thought he might have scratched it. On the way home, lights were bothering it, he couldn’t see very well, and it was very

How We Got This Way

I have been wondering about why adding enforced chastity to our marriage has made such a big difference in our relationship. Is it really about the sexual control I surrendered? Is it the power exchange? The chastity device? Just what