Month: December 2015

A Work in Progress

Lion didn’t get spanked last night. I wasn’t feeling well. He’ll definitely have some fun tonight though. It’s his last orgasm of 2015. We’ll make our own fireworks even if we do them far earlier than midnight. Lion has a

Taking Stock 2015

Here we are. Another year has gone by. Most of it was very difficult for us due to me being out of work for seven months. However, we progressed nicely with enforced chastity and a little foray into wife-led marriage.

Just Kidding

Lion is having eye problems again. When I mentioned it to a coworker she jokingly asked if I hit him last night. I said, “No, not last night.” She has no idea that I just spanked him on Friday. And

Device Envy

We’ve settled back into our “normal” routine. Monday night I was unlocked and teased and then about half an hour later, relocked. Later, we snuggled for a long time. I was sorry that my cage was on. Her hand was