Month: December 2015


Lion does not like the idea of being wild for an extended period of time. I’ve been looking at it as a reward. He does not. He wants to feel my control. Yesterday I hit upon the idea that he

When Counts

Most recently we have been talking about times when I am not wearing the chastity device. Mrs. Lion asked if I wanted to remain wild after this past weekend. I said I didn’t. Later she wrote about the fact that

Because I Said So

Yesterday was full of laundry, cooking, and football. Both of our teams lost and by the time we got ready to play, we were distracted by Lion’s Christmas present. I bought him a drone. I purposely got him a less

Mostly Vanilla Holiday

We’re back to work today. I’m also back in my cage. The four-day weekend was great. Mrs. Lion and I had a no-pressure, lots-of-rest holiday. Our families are across the continent, so it was just the two of us. It