Year: 2016

A New Year

Quite a few years ago I made a resolution not to make a New Year’s resolution. So far it’s the only resolution I’ve ever kept. Then Lion suggested it would be fun for me to write a post about my

End Of The Year

We got my training collar a couple of months ago. There was a small technical glitch with it. We returned it and got a new one. When you set up the collar, you can set a PIN so that only


As promised, I gave Lion his swats for making me feel bad. I selected the thick rubber paddle from behind the door. (Silly Lion put a paddle away the other day and said I don’t have very many paddles back

Much More Than A Game

Mrs. Lion never ceases to amaze me. In her post yesterday, she informed the world (and me) that I would be spanked for a comment she didn’t like. She then went on to say that she feels she doesn’t know