Month: January 2016

Clothespins and More Clothespins

Last week Lion said my record was 35 clothespins on his balls. I didn’t think I got that many, but challenge accepted. I said I would do regular clothespins Saturday and the tougher ones Sunday. So Saturday we sat down

You What?

I was thinking about just how unique those of us who practice enforced chastity are. What started me thinking was a comment from someone who calls him/herself Bedroom Guardian: “You found a male that would allow you to control and


Last night I was going to let Lion simmer. I wasn’t even going to touch him. After quite a few sideways glances from him, I decided we should at least snuggle. As soon as I got close he said, “Wouldn’t

The Art Of The Tease

I’m in dangerous territory now. 2.0 has been edging me nightly. The new lioness has shown no inclination to show mercy toward my very horny condition. She acts happy that I am increasingly desperate to come. Either 2.0 is a