Month: February 2016

Worry Wart

Sometimes Lion is a worry wart. Mostly he worries about me. He thinks he doesn’t make me happy. He thinks I will leave him. He thinks I’ll stop playing with him. He thinks he disappoints me. None of these things

Not In The Mood

Yesterday was a rainy, quiet day around here. Mrs. Lion took me down to our dungeon …er playroom and strapped me into the sling. She had been promising to do this and I think she felt a bit badly that


Well, our day got away from us yesterday. Our errands took longer than expected. Lion has been experimenting with a new cooking technique which works well, but still causes a little anxiety.[Lion — It’s sous-vide. I wrote about it in

Modernist Lion

As I’m sure you know, Mrs. Lion and I do a lot more than enforced chastity and FLR. We have our everyday lives that we enjoy as well. One of the things I particularly like to do is to cook.