Month: February 2016


We didn’t play last night. It was the end of yet another long week and I just wanted to relax and vegetate. We watched TV and held hands and, yes, I was on my iPad. I’ve been more careful to

A Break From The Usual

Now that we are in our third year of enforced chastity our writing has a different slant than it did when we were first starting in 2014. (Hint: you can access old posts by clicking on the archive links at

Give or Take

2.0 told Lion there was a butt plug and edging in his future yesterday. By mid-afternoon, he was asking if there’d be spanking as well. Not from a punishment point of view, but toughen-his-buns spanking. I said perhaps there would

It’s Not Always Easy

[Note: I wrote this post on Thursday at the same time, apparently, Mrs. Lion wrote hers for Thursday afternoon. This is not a reaction to what she wrote. It certainly sounds that way. This happens frequently. We both write without