Month: March 2016

5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Lion told me some interesting stats yesterday. He had five orgasms in January, four in February, and three so far in March. If he follows this trend he’ll only have two in April, one in May, and then, oh sorry,

Trust And Verify

I’ve been writing and talking about a stricter 2.0. This prompted her to write a bit about my desire to be securely locked even more of the time. I pointed out that leaving me wild in the shower, for example,

Oral Exam

One of my favorite things is getting Lion hard in my mouth. Feeling him grow with the subtle movements of my tongue – sometimes no movement at all – makes me feel some power. He’s in a very vulnerable position.

Power Exchange Vs Power Vacuum

I’ve been thinking about how my surrendering my sexual satisfaction and authority in our relationship can improve the way Mrs. Lion and I relate. We started with a happy marriage and now, thanks to enforced chastity and FLR, have an